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This issue, we offer you an article about one of the most significant aspects of all education – knowing your child's – and your -- Learning Styles. Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis and Victoria Kindle-Hodson are two of the nation's foremost experts on this topic, having spent over 25 years working with families in this field. Our second article is Barbara Frank’s insight into Boredom! As always, we hope these articles and our advertising, aid you in your homeschooling journeys. Thank you for reading. Thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert


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Analytical Grammar – Complete English Courses for Success

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Jr. Analytical Grammar, 11 “weekly” lessons Gr 4-5

Jr. AG Mechanics supplemental book

Beyond the Book Report & Essay and Research Paper – a middle-school-age writing course

Analytical Grammar – 2-year or 3-year course, books & DVD lessons and reinforcement & review materials, Gr 6-12

Analytical Grammar (AG) is a complete, broad spectrum series of books that cover every level of this important academic subject from 4th Grade to high school and beyond! Nothing is more important for academic and professional success than the myriad skills that come under the umbrella of “grammar”. If a student is mathematically challenged, there are calculators; if you are grammatically challenged, there is no pocket help and it is quite visible and significant. Your intelligence and knowledge will shine through a highly-developed ability to write, and grammar is the underpinning of all writing.

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Analytical Grammar


Learning Styles - Your Blueprint for Homeschool Learning-Success
By Victoria Kindle Hodson & Mariaemma Willis

Whether you’re a homeschooling veteran, a new homeschooler, or just thinking about taking the plunge into teaching your children at home, finding out your child’s learning style will show you the route that you need to take to ensure your child’s Learning-SuccessTM!

After years of homeschooling you might be tired of paying for materials that look good and sound good but don’t work. If you’re new to homeschooling you might be feeling frustrated by the fact that your kids don’t enjoy doing lessons the way you think that they “should” be done. And, if you’re thinking about homeschooling, you might not feel confident about your skills to be your child’s “teacher.” Determining your child’s learning styles boosts confidence for all parents, because you know that you’re making plans, selecting materials, and using strategies for teaching that have the maximum potential for success.

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Dollar Homeschool

Nelson Academy of Agricultural Science
By Michael Leppert

If your child is interested in agricultural and/or veterinary pursuits, the Nelson Academy of Agricultural Science offers the perfect study solution — online agriculture courses! Or, maybe your child simply has an interest in taking an agriculture science course . . . Nelson Academy again provides the solution.

Mr. Leroy Nelson, founder of Nelson Academy, taught agriculture and advised FFA chapters for more than 15 years in his home state of Montana, and a five of his student FFA advisees are Montana state officials for the FFA. Since 2004, he has been the superintendent of the Opheim, MT, school district.

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By Barbara Frank

When our family first began homeschooling, I wanted every day to be chock-filled with discovery and wonder for my children. I pictured incredible, mind-blowing unit studies, fascinating books and curriculum, and countless field trips, to get them out of the house a lot. I intended to provide so many worthwhile educational opportunities for them that they would never be bored.

To me, bored children signified failure on my part: Failure to hold their interest, to keep them engaged in learning about the world around them. I had often experienced intense boredom as a child, trapped in a school room. I did not want my children to feel that way.

But no matter how carefully I chose learning materials and opportunities, I couldn't always find something that interested everyone. Sometimes, someone got bored. After all, people have different interests. To make matters worse, there were also times when we weren't doing school that they were bored. I dreaded hearing someone exclaim: "Mom, there's nothing to do!"

I felt it was up to me to keep them occupied and entertained, even though I had so many other responsibilities. When we first began homeschooling, my older children were five and six. We did school in the morning, and in the afternoons I ran myself ragged working at home as a free-lance editor, while keeping the house running and the kids busy. We had recently moved, so I also needed to unpack and organize everything.

This went on for about six months, and then I got sick, and not just for a day, either. I was sick for nearly three months. I had developed a chronic medical condition that was aggravated by stress. I put my editing job on hold, and my husband took over my household duties at night, after work. As for the children? They were forced to entertain themselves, and they did.

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Laurence Tech

Learning Rivers

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Clark Financial Group, Inc. – Solutions for Funding College
By Janet Esposito

“What career is best for me? What college is best for me? How am I going to pay for college?” Helping your student prepare for entering college is similar to taking on a part-time job. There is school selection, entrance-exam preparation, and admissions letters – all incredibly time-consuming efforts for both parent and students. But for parents, the scariest part of the entire process is the cost of secondary education. Tuition, books, meal plans, housing, all add up quickly.

Fortunately, we all know there is financial aid available. Federal money, state money, athletic scholarships, institutional scholarships, private institution grant money – there are all kinds of financial aid available to those who qualify. But where do you begin? There are so many moving parts; so many balls to juggle. The entire endeavor can feel absolutely overwhelming for busy parents, especially those families struggling through these difficult economic times.

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Clark Financial

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