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This week, dear Readers, we offer two very meaty articles that will probably cause some serious conversation by the end of reading. First, veteran homeschoolers and homeschool resource providers, Martin & Carolyn Forte, offer "Past, Present & Future Ė a Mini History of Homechooling" that traces the modern progress of homeschooling. Our second article, also by a veteran homeschooler and resource provider, Diane Flynn Keith, is "What Is It With Homechoolers & Money?" Dianeís comments and suggestions are a great asset to being objective in our home-centered living. We hope these articles add to your homeschooling resources and as always, thank you for reading our work.

Michael Leppert


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Crosswired Science Ė Intelligent Science For Every Child
By Michael Leppert

The lack of scientific academics in American school children is well-known and often commented upon. Don Millerís Crosswired Science is a curriculum company that believes that part of the reason for the decline in the number of Americaís science-oriented students, is the delivery of the information. Crosswired teaches all sorts of science subjects with a definite objective to show kids & parents how incredible everything is.

Crosswired is a team of credentialed teachers (California) who are trying to present a complete spectrum to students. The average graduating senior knows little or nothing about science. Currently, students receive biology instruction in 6th and 10th grades, and someearth and physical science in between, but the average high school grad has little grasp of science or its value in our lives.

Mr. Miller takes this approach: As the Crosswired student develops, Millerís program teaches the same topics, but the information expands greatly and bridges to other content areas. CWS might present something in September, then again in November and April amplifying the concept topic each time around. As the child grows older, s/he can understand more of the depth of what is being taught.

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Crosswired Science

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What Is It With Homeschoolers & Money?
By Diane Flynn Keith, http://www.homefires.com/

Throughout my homeschool journey, I have donated many hours of labor and many dollars from my own pocket to further the cause of home education. I organized lots of events for my local homeschool community -- some for free, some for a fee. I have had interaction with homeschoolers from every socio-economic background imaginable and I have yet to understand what seems to be a collective thought about money -- that homeschoolers donít have any. Not only that, but because there is a belief that homeschoolers donít have any money there seems to be an underlying assumption that resources, information and services should be provided dirt cheap, if not for free. Why? What is it with homeschoolers and money?

My observations are based on my personal experience and conversations with homeschool parents, support group leaders, field trip organizers, and homeschool activists and authors. In doing a little research, I also found that responses to surveys by various homeschooling organizations do NOT support the prevailing myth that homeschoolers donít have money. In fact, one 1999 survey reported the median household income of homeschool families as $50,000-$75,000 per year, a little higher than the national average. In a 2003 homeschool conference exhibitor brochure I found demographics showing a wide income range from $20,000 to $90,000 and up, with 44% earning $40,000-$70,000, 10% earning $70,000-$90,000 and 16% earning $90,000 or more!

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Nelson Academy of Agricultural Science
By Michael Leppert

If your child is interested in agricultural and/or veterinary pursuits, the Nelson Academy of Agricultural Science offers the perfect study solution ó online agriculture courses! Or, maybe your child simply has an interest in taking an agriculture science course . . . Nelson Academy again provides the solution.

Mr. Leroy Nelson, founder of Nelson Academy, taught agriculture and advised FFA chapters for more than 15 years in his home state of Montana, and a five of his student FFA advisees are Montana state officials for the FFA. Since 2004, he has been the superintendent of the Opheim, MT, school district.

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Past, Present, & Future of Homeschooling A MINI HISTORY LESSON
By Martin and Carolyn Forte, www.excellenceineducation.com

The modern homeschooling movement has been a very successful educational alternative for over thirty years and continues to grow in popularity and acceptability. The majority of you who are reading this article probably have no idea what it was like to be a homeschooler in the late 70ís and early 80ís, the decades which represent the birth of the modern homeschool movement. Letís take a few minutes and discuss the progression of homeschooling through the decades starting with the "pioneers", progressing to the "settlers" and ending with the latest members of the homeschool community, the "refugees."

As with any successful movement, it all starts with the pioneers. These are the individuals who had a vision, were willing to blaze the trail and take the arrows in the back. The original pioneers were composed of two very distinct groups. The first group was composed of hippies living off the coast of Big Sur or the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas and was basically very happy smoking their happy grass and skinny-dipping. They really were interested in just doing their own thing and bringing their children with them. This resulted in a rather isolated group with very little organizational power or desire.

The second group, formed mainly of Christians and those with similar goals, was highly influential in setting the direction of the movement for the next decade or so. This group homeschooled primarily for religious and academic reasons, as well as to protect their children from the ways of the secular world. During this time period, not only prayer, but nearly all references to Christianity were removed from public schools and in the mindís eye of the Christian community, the progression of secularism was of great concern.

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Therapro, Inc. Ė Special Needs Learning Products & More!
By Ellen Meade

Homeschooling children who have special needs, offers a unique set of challenges and rewards for students and parents. However, public schools have one advantage over homeschooling parents Ė the learning resources. Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Art Therapists Ė these amazing people have wonderful tools and learning resources, acquired over years of classroom experience. I often wondered about these seemingly magical inventions and their origins in the universe. Why could I never find the adaptive scissors I need for my son, but his friendís OT has the exact pair Iíve searched for high and low? Is there a "special education land" somewhere out there; one in which only licensed specialists can purchase these incredible tools? Thankfully there is a one-stop-shop available right here on Earth and anyone with Internet access can purchase these incredible products.

Therapro offers innovative products for every kind of learner. Through 25 years of experience as both a scholar and practicing clinician, Karen Conrad has worked to address the needs of people in every stage of life: From early intervention therapy, to mental health, and end-of-life care. In launching their company, Therapro, Karen and her husband, Paul Weihrauch, made it their goal to provide their community with unique educational and therapeutic supplies that would help to revolutionize the way therapists and educators provide preventative, developmental, and rehabilitative care. It is their belief that with the right tools, every person can live up to their fullest potential.

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