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Dear Readers: In this issue, we bring your Part 2 of 3 of the John Taylor Gatto masterpiece, “The Empty Child” introduced by Cathy Duffy, popular and trusted product reviewer of many years. Our second article is by a college professor of English, Jonna Lilly, “The Top 10 Methods for Successful Writing”. We wish you the best, whatever your homeschooling/child-rearing philosophy may be and we hope that our text material and advertisers’ material serves you well. Thank you for reading what we do.

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With GiftedandTalented.com, Kindergarten through 12th grade students have access to premier online and adaptive learning tools developed by Stanford University, in a variety of subjects including Mathematics, English Language Arts and Writing, Physics, Computer Science and more.

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Our courses support all types of learners.

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John Taylor Gatto’s The Empty Child Part 2
By Cathy Duffy

I’ll resume my review with Gatto’s "visit" to Chautauqua, a grand example of elitist manipulation.

"Chautauqua" should be part of our common vocabulary, but most of us likely never heard of the place. Chautauqua was the scene of a nineteenth century utopian experiment. ". . . Chautauqua did a great deal to homogenize the U.S. as a nation. It brought to the attention of America, an impressive number of new ideas and concepts, always from a management perspective . . . even a partial list of developments credited to Chautauqua is impressive evidence of the influence of this early mass communication device. . .

For instance, we have Chautauqua to thank in some part for the graduated income tax, for slum clearance as a business opportunity, juvenile courts, the school lunch program, free textbooks, a ‘balanced diet,’ physical fitness, the Camp-Fire Girls, the Boy Scout movement, pure food laws, and much, much more."

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Richer Resources

AVKO Why Be An AVKO Member? Benefits Abound for Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD Learning Help for Only $25!
By Joseph Grayhaim

3084 Willard Road
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For 40 years, Don McCabe’s AVKO Educational Research Foundation has been accomplishing its stated mission to bring literacy to all people, regardless of learning disabilities or challenges, with free or low-cost materials.

AVKO offers a special individual Membership package of benefits that make it worth much more than the price of $25. Members receive over $700 worth of FREE e-books, including these great titles:

• The Patterns of English Spelling (All 10 Volumes) with Word Families in Sentence Context
• To Teach a Dyslexic
• Starting at Square One

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The Top 10 Methods for Successful Writing
By Jonna Lilly, B.A., M.A

Assume for a moment that your teacher tells you to write a 300-word essay, due next Monday. What do you do? Cringe? Smile? Laugh? Cry? For most students, writing engenders extreme emotions; some love it, while others hate it. If you are in the latter category, you will soon learn some highly-successful secrets to help your writing. Who knows? You might learn to enjoy the writing process or at least not dislike it as much!

10. Know your audience
Before one can even begin the process of writing, it is imperative to know who will be reading your work. Why? To ensure that your message effectively reaches its intended recipients, you must decide first whom your audience is. There are two basic audiences: General reading public and specialists.

As the name suggests, “the general reading public” is comprised of nearly everyone who can read and write. Your 80-year-old grandmother is a member of the general reading public, but so is a corporate executive at IBM. Because there is such a wide disparity in the group, everything from the educational age level to knowledge-of-the-world level, it is best to write in a simple style, with no flowery words or phrases, basic sentence structure (subject + verb), general vocabulary, and general topics.

On the other hand, writing for specialists is completely different. This group is composed of people who have specialties in specific areas of knowledge. For example, an accountant for American Airlines would have specialized knowledge; so would a botanist at the local university.

How does writing for specialists differ from writing for members of the general reading public? Instead of a simple writing style, a more complex style would be more appropriate, including a complex sentence structure (dependent clauses, either before or after the subject + verb). In addition, jargon becomes important when writing for this group. Jargon is merely the specialized vocabulary used by members of the group; members of other groups may not be privy to this information. When writing for a group of specialists, it is important that you be a specialist in that particular field. Why? Otherwise, you might lose credibility with the group, by not showing you have adequate knowledge and/or by not using the appropriate jargon.

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AMerican Cap n Gown

Rhymes Tables

Cathy Duffy's Review of Runkle Geography
By Cathy Duffy

Brenda Runkle’s World Physical Geography was the first geography text to convince me that it is possible to produce a geography textbook that isn’t designed to put students to sleep.

Full-color illustrations throughout this beautifully illustrated text, a lively writing style, hands-on activities, “fun facts,” and frequent practical applications draw junior and senior high students into each topic. Definitions, geographical tips, and more fun facts are featured in the margins, coded with special symbols. Critical thinking activities, brain teasers, and other extras appear in some of the lessons. Review questions and a list of vocabulary words are at the end of each lesson. Also, more than worthy of mention is the generous section of full-color maps presented at the beginning of the text.

The text seems fairly bias-free, philosophically speaking. It is neither Christian nor evolutionary in presentation.

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Runkle Publishing

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