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Happy Thanksgiving, dear Readers. This issue is a veritable gold mine of thought and information, from two of the most powerful writers in the alternative education world. First, we finish off Cathy Duffy’s “review” of John Taylor Gatto’s “The Empty Child” – a thought-provoking work by a brilliant man. Our second offering, “Thangstgiving & the Holidays” by Diane Flynn Keith, a Bay Area homeschooling mom of two grown sons and another brilliant mind. Diane will be a featured presenter at our 14th Homeschool Conference in February, 2015; don’t miss her in person! (See the ad below.) We homeschoolers can count ourselves fortunate to have such mental giants contributing to our lives! May your reasons for thankfulness increase, and as always, thank you for reading our work.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Vocabulary Cartoons - "... why hasn't anyone thought of this before?"
By Michael Leppert

The quote above is from a testimonial comment from an English teacher about the simple but ingenious vocabulary builder – Vocabulary Cartoons.

Vocabulary Cartoons is a series of books with cartoons on each page and here is how it works: There is a cartoon of a baseball player wearing an enormous baseball cap, for the word “Capacious”. The definition is: “Roomy, able to hold much” and the caption reads: “A SPACIOUS CAP is CAPACIOUS”

Another example: There is a cartoon of a pirate captain standing on a dock with a sign “Free Cruise”. In the background is his square rigger and the word is “Accrue” The definition is: “To accumulate over time” and the caption reads “Pirates know how to accrue a crew.”

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Vocabulary Cartoons

John Taylor Gatto’s The Empty Child Part 3
By Cathy Duffy

Scientific behaviorism, the brain child of B.F. Skinner came on the scene at just the right time for such purposes. Schools learned to play their new role as purveyors of "mental health." Desired responses could be programmed into children by the use of rewards and punishments.

Gatto tells us about Edward Thorndike, who might be considered the founder of educational psychology: "According to Thorndike, the aim of a teacher is to ‘produce and prevent certain responses,’ the purpose of education was to promote ‘adjustment.’ In [Thorndike’s book] he urged the deconstruction of emphasis on ‘intellectual resources’ for the young, advice that was largely taken by school people over the years."

Gatto admits to being a past student and purveyor of behaviorism —you’ll find a story or two in the chapter titled, "The Empty Child" —which clearly taught him some unintended lessons about real people and the ways they act.

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Math Nook

A Great Impression

Analytical Grammar – Complete English Courses for Success

3810-201 Lunceston Way Raleigh, NC 27613

Jr. Analytical Grammar, 11 “weekly” lessons Gr 4-5

Jr. AG Mechanics supplemental book

Beyond the Book Report & Essay and Research Paper – a middle-school-age writing course

Analytical Grammar – 2-year or 3-year course, books & DVD lessons and reinforcement & review materials, Gr 6-12

Analytical Grammar (AG) is a complete, broad spectrum series of books that cover every level of this important academic subject from 4th Grade to high school and beyond! Nothing is more important for academic and professional success than the myriad skills that come under the umbrella of “grammar”. If a student is mathematically challenged, there are calculators; if you are grammatically challenged, there is no pocket help and it is quite visible and significant. Your intelligence and knowledge will shine through a highly-developed ability to write, and grammar is the underpinning of all writing.

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Analytical Grammar

Dr Heater

THANGSTGIVING & The Holidays – It’s Not Just The Pie That’s Crusty
By Diane Flynn Keith, www.homefires.com

(Diane is a featured speaker at our 2015 Homeschool Conference in Westlake Village, CA. Don’t miss this humorous, insightful homeschool mom.)

For many of you, the Thanksgiving feast, with its traditional marshmallow sweet potato casserole was the first of many sticky situations that will last throughout the holiday season. You’ll be served a smorgasbord of confrontational relatives who subject you to snide comments and questions that may include:

  • Insisting that your kids will not be well-socialized (even though they are in the next room happily playing and interacting with their cousins).
  • Testing your kids to see what they know. For example, your father-in-law channels Alex Trebek as he asks, “What’s the third digit of pi?” or “What’s the capital of Serbia?” or “When did colonial Governor William Bradford issue the first Thanksgiving Proclamation?”
  • Accusations that you’re over-protective and admonitions to enroll your children in school where bullies (possibly armed with assault rifles) can “toughen them up for the real world.”
  • Comparisons of your 8-year-old emerging reader to your brother-in-law’s child who spontaneously read at 2. Or pointing out with some disdain that your 11-year-old daughter still plays with dolls for goodness sake, while your sister’s more mature and popular middle-school daughter can do a great impersonation of Britney Spears as she sings all the lyrics to Womanizer.

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Crosswired Science

Seela Science

Original Bible

The Speech Wizard

Shawn Manvell is a Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Pediatric Feeding Therapy, and Assistive Technology Specialist. She owns a private practice in Camarillo California where she lives with her 5 year old daughter, two horses, two dogs and two cats. She holds a master’s degree in Communication Disorders & Sciences from California State University, Northridge. For over 20 years Shawn has dedicated herself to helping families with children who have special developmental needs. She has volunteered at United Cerebral Palsy, therapeutic horseback riding, and as a respite care provider for various families and agencies.

Shawn was persuaded to become a speech-language therapist through different occurrences in her life. A combination of experiences, events, and people influenced her career path decision, starting with childhood helping her younger brother’s delayed speech and language development, and continuing into her professional work now at her private practice. With each experience, Shawn has the fortunate opportunity to see, feel, and hear the differences she makes to positively impact children’s lives. With a lifelong dedication and passion to the field of speech-language pathology, she feels that she practices with the highest of standards to greatly improve people’s quality of life through communication skills. She is determined, as well as confident in her ability, to continue and expand the feeling of gratification and satisfaction that she receives from providing quality services as a speech-language pathologist and assistive technology specialist.

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The Speech Wizard


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