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Dear Readers: In this issue, we again focus on the brain. In the past 20 years there has been an incredible amount of research information providing insight into how we learn and process information. First, we have “Brain Building With Exercise”, shedding light on the value of daily pre-study physical exercise to sharpen the brain. Secondly, we have Dr. Sylvia R. Cadena Smith’s article “The Unconventional Learner: Hidden in Plain Sight”, based on much brain research about the entire process of reading comprehension. Don’t forget about our exciting “kid comfortable” Alternative Education Conference in Westlake Village, California, Feb 27 to Mar 1, 2015. It is a great time to come to sunny Southern California and enjoy a family weekend of knowledge intake and socializing with like-minded families from all over the country! As always, thank you for reading our work.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Our Students Finish on Average Two Grades Ahead

With GiftedandTalented.com, Kindergarten through 12th grade students have access to premier online and adaptive learning tools developed by Stanford University, in a variety of subjects including Mathematics, English Language Arts and Writing, Physics, Computer Science and more.

A recent study found that GiftedandTalented.com’s Tutor Supported K-7 Mathematics program helps students advance an average of two complete grade levels beyond their chronological grade. The Independent Study Mathematics program helps students accelerate one full grade level. "The findings of this analysis are truly extraordinary, yet they confirm what we have known for some time: Our courses are uniquely effective at accelerating students toward mathematical mastery, ultimately helping them meet their maximum potential," said Matthew Mugo Fields, Founder and President of GifttedandTalented.com.

Our courses support all types of learners.

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Kicking Your Brain "On" for Academics Through Exercise

There is a revolution occurring in education -- slowly, as all institutional changes do -- that homeschoolers need to be informed of. It is the connection between vigorous exercise BEFORE learning, that creates a heightened state of attention.

Developed and explained by Dr. John Ratey, a clinical psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School in his book "Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain", wherein he presents an understanding of neurobiology with worldwide research to inspire the reader to embrace exercise as a means to achieve optimal brain performance.

Dr. Ratey and the late Phil Lawler, high school teacher/coach in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, presented Dr. Ratey's concepts to Mr. Lawler's young students to great effect.

Vigorous exercise BEFORE learning, helps create a heightened state of attention. Scientific fitness studies document academic improvement linked to movement and exercise, generating worldwide interest in the Sparking Life movement.

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Runkle Publishing

Seela Science

Easy Grammar Systems – Grammar texts for grades 2-12
Assessed by Jennifer Nairne


Easy Grammar Systems has developed a series of texts for students that finally make the English language approachable for everyone. Struggling students, English Language Learners, accelerated students – all children can benefit from using this innovative approach to grammar instruction. In one study, conducted of students using the texts, 85% increased their test scores by at least 20%; almost half of the students bumped their test grade up one level. This is most likely due to the strong emphasis on content mastery found throughout the Easy Grammar Systems series.

The key features of the Easy Grammar texts is author Wanda C. Phillips’s use of the “prepositional approach” and encouraging students to engage with grammar “hands-on”. While she is not the original developer of the prepositional approach, Dr. Phillips immediately understood how to translate it into a classroom environment. By combining this innovative approach with various other methods that she found effective in her years as a teacher, Dr. Phillips developed a series of texts that ensure every student will master the concepts and succeed in grammar.

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Easy Grammar

The Unconventional Learner: Hidden in Plain Sight
By Sylvia R. Cadena Smith, Ed.D.

Students who perform below their intellectual capabilities are often considered underachievers, lazy, or just not very smart. These students tend to be among a hidden group of learners that have difficulty with visual processing of information delivered via conventional means (i.e., in a manner typical of traditional classrooms). Frequently, these students are mislabeled as being unwilling or incapable of learning when, in fact, they can learn, but are ‘unconventional’ in how they process information.

Identifying “unconventional learners” in the classroom has been challenging due to the fact that little was known about how the brain processes information. In the last 15 – 20 years, brain research has found that the ability to ‘visually process’ information is critical to learning. It is now understood that the act of ‘visual processing’ is primarily a physiological issue that is not related to

an individual’s intelligence or ability to cognitively process information. Therefore, when students’ visual processing is weak, their overall ability to cognitively process information delivered in a traditional classroom format is negatively impacted. This is largely due to a ‘disconnect’ in how information is originally received and processed by the brain.

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A Great Impression

Higher Score Test Prep

Math Without Borders

Richer Resources Publications - Classics, Art, Poetry & Children’s Books


Richer Resources Publications is an independent publisher dedicated to producing dynamic and intelligent books for the discriminating reader. High-quality in form and content is the distinguishing feature of Richer Resources’ volumes.

They produce books in a wide variety of genres, including classic titles in translation, gift books, art books, poetry, finance titles and children's books. They also produce art prints and greeting cards of both

classic images and modern, contemporary works.

Classic authors include Homer, Euripides, Sophocles, Aeschylus, Aristophanes, Ovid and many of their best-known volumes. Machiavelli and Goethe are also represented here.

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Richer Resources

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