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by Kyle Zook

It seems that more and more these days, new authors are turning to self-publishing for a number of reasons. The big publishers only seem to want to sign authors who are already established or are already public figures. Or maybe you have a really great book ready-to-print and want to control your share of the returns on your investment. Whatever the reason, may be exactly what you need to break into the publishing business.

Self-publishing can be one of the most lucrative of publishing options, and for a minimal investment on your part and the professional expertise of the folks at 48HrBooks, you can make your vision a reality. There are a number of different publishing options available, but most visitors take advantage of the low-cost “Perfect-Bound” option, which is a paper back book which equals or surpasses the quality found at your favorite bookstore. You can even obtain pricing information on the handy form located on the front page! A far cry from some publishing sites that practically make you sign a contract before releasing the final costs to print.

The staff at 48HrBooks has thought of everything you might need to print your book, from cover design to issuing ISBN numbers. For a small charge, they’ll even reformat your book if it’s the wrong size, or convert your Word documents into the proper PDF format needed for printing. And true to their name, once they have possession of clean, ready-to-print files you could be holding a copy of your first novel within 48 hours!

One of the most popular reasons to print at 48HrBooks is the fact that you can print as little as 50 or as many as you need, so you don’t need to lay out a huge investment before finding out if there’s a market for your book. When the orders start piling in, just notify the friendly people at 48HrBooks and you can have a new batch of books waiting on your doorstep within two short days. You can also opt for the lower cost UPS ground option, given 48HrBooks’s central location in Ohio, you’ll probably be seeing your books within the week (the average is about four days to Los Angeles).

If you are intrigued but not sure what the final product is going to look like, just opt for the printed proof and lay your fears to rest. The proof is an exact copy of what the final product will look like, so you can rest easy knowing that the rest of your order will be printed to those exact specifications.

48HrBooks also offers an upgrade to case binding or, to most of us not in the business, hardback books, but you will have to call for quotes on this option. Homeschoolers will doubtless also be interested in the ability to print out custom yearbooks. Again, just call 48HrBooks to discuss this option, and they will help through the details of what you will need to supply.

And don’t hesitate about calling, either. One of the great things about 48HrBooks is you’ll always find a friendly voice at the other end of the line, not some pre-recorded robot directing you to press button option after button option. Give them a call today, or come visit their web site, and be sure to take advantage of the 25 extra books offer for orders of 100 books or more; look for complete details on the web site.


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