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Advent Films - Come What May

By Michael Leppert

This film is the first by a new Christian film company and was made by over 40 homeschooled students, mentored by a small group of professional filmmakers. It centers around the debate of abortion vs. right-to-life and addresses the modern tendency of the judiciary to overstep its original intended authority. The film’s title comes from a Latin phrase, “Do the right thing; come what may.”

Each member of a family of three – father, mother and 19-year-old college student son -- is confronted with the right-to-life issue.

The parents are having marital problems centering around their differences. Mom is an upward-moving, overworked attorney with a moral relativist viewpoint, appointed to argue a pro-abortion case before the U.S. Supreme Court. Dad is a Christian biology professor who disagrees with her relativism and abortion views. Each fears that their son will model the “wrong” (other parent’s) set of values. The son, Caleb, wishes to become an attorney and transfer to Patrick Henry College, which has a very successful legal debate program, consistently winning national championships in Moot Court competitions. Mom resists his desire to attend PHC, disagreeing with their Christian beliefs. Dad and Caleb prevail, and Caleb attends Patrick Henry with the stipulation that the parents will pay for the first year outright, but only for year two if Caleb’s Moot Court team wins the annual competition.

The team receives the assignment to argue to overturn Roe v. Wade. This ultimately pits mom’s true-life argument (and beliefs) before the Supreme Court, against son’s Moot Court assignment, which he does not want to face, thinking that his team is sure to lose such an argument.

From a cinematic point of view, the acting is stiff at times and the writing is somewhat contrived. But many of the actors perform well and the script’s weaknesses do not detract from the larger message and value of the film.

Come What May is an excellent and valuable film for families to watch together with their older children. Because it points out the reasoning concerning anti-abortion and modern judicial abuses, it is a valuable addition to an overall study of American history and government. Please visit for ordering information and to learn more about this film and others in Advent’s catalog. MjL

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