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All Play Music - Private Music Lessons for Kids in the Greater Los Angeles Area

There is a British pop star trapped inside the body of my thirteen-year-old daughter. I am not sure exactly when or how it got there, but we have noticed a gradual transformation over the last few months until she informed us last week that she wanted to quit piano lessons. She was not original in her complaints – that the lessons are boring; the teacher is too old to understand “real” music; that she wants to play music that is “cool” instead of the Hollywood musical soundtracks she was learning. But just because her grumblings are familiar, does not mean they were a necessary part of music instruction.

After some research, I called All Play Music to learn more about their incredibly popular programs I kept hearing about. Tim Guille opened the doors for All Play Music more than 8 years ago, and has experience with young teenage girls being possessed by musical fads. Tim has developed an entire philosophy of musical instruction that incorporates students’ musical tastes – the “real” music they want to learn.

All Play Music provides music instruction for guitar, piano, drums voice, and bass, that is unique to each individual student. Enrollment begins with a 20-minute phone call that both introduces you to the various programs offered, and allows the instructors to learn more about your child -- skill level, musical preferences, personal goals and ambitions, and interest level. The instructor arrives for the first lesson completely prepared with those songs your child loves the most, simplified according to his/her skill level.

The instructors believe that music is a language for communicating, and that teaching songs according to their interests allows each student to learn “words” to communicate. Music theory is treated a lot like grammar in school curriculum – it is necessary for effective communication, but is not required for casual conversation. The workbooks used are goal-oriented, allowing kids to choose the songs they want to learn.

Pricing varies and programs are available for most every student and budget.Each program culminates in a concert performance, showcasing everything your student has learned andinstructors ensure students are prepared for success. But the favorite program of students is the Rock Star Concert.

Held twice a year, it is an incredible experience for anyone – especially kids. Past venues include some of the most famous in the area -- The Whiskey, The Roxy, and The Troubadour. The Staff at APM organizes students into a “real” band, who are transformed into rocks stars during the eight weeks of preparation for the concert. There are weekly rehearsals and a dress rehearsal at four weeks.Every concert is recorded by a professional film crew, allowing families to share the experience after the show. Every concert includes all of the special effects and stage production you would expect at a rockin’ show in popular nightclubs.

Safety is of the highest priority at All Play Music. It can be difficult to invite a stranger into your home each week and entrust the safety of your child. Parents can rest easy knowing that every APM instructor must go through a certification process before being allowed into the home of a student. Most of the staff at All Play Music have been there for more than 5 years and take safety and security very seriously.

In-home lessons are provided throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, into parts of Ventura County and Malibu. For more information, please visit their website at

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