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Go to and download the report E Pluribus Unum for factual, objective analysis of the state of our nation’s schools in preserving, protecting and strengthening America’s traditional, patriotic founding ideals and ideas based on our founding documents designed and written by our Founding Fathers. The report will shock you—every patriotic American must read it!

The American Heritage Education Foundation, Inc.(AHEF) is a non-profit educational foundation taking pro-active steps to reverse this alarming fact. It has designed, written and produced FREE K-12 Social Studies/History Lesson Plans (LP’s)to help to reverse this problem and to restore/rebuild the country in the eyes and hearts of our youth. The LP’s accomplish the following:

• Includes elementary, middle and high school volumes

• Supplements and enriches all curricula

• Emphasizes our nation’s primary documents

• Aligns content with advanced placement and national standard tests

• May be modified or taught in segments

• Provides activities and assessments from group projects and simulations to individual
tasks, essays, visuals and more

• Develops civics skills in critical thinking, active listening and problem solving

• Improves understanding of America’s four key characteristics of Freedom, Unity, Progress and Responsibility (FUPR ®)

• Explains why American has always been a God-loving nation (Answer: Unalienable Rights)

• Tested and proven to raise social studies scores

• Award winning design and presentation

Simply go to to order your FREE CD!
(and HURRY!! Our country needs you!!)


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