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Spelling Power – Master 5,000 words,
15 minutes per day!
694 Main St.
Pomeroy, WA 99347

By Joseph Grayhaim

No matter how great a spell-check program you possess on your computer or other device, there is no replacement for having a great spell-check program in your head! Being able to spell most of the words you come in contact with daily, eliminates a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress – not to mention embarrassment! Good spellers tend to have larger vocabularies as well, so their writing is a notch better than poor spellers.

Spelling Power from Castlemoyle Books can help your student from age 8 to college – or yourself – master 5,000 of the most-frequently used words at an individual pace, for just 15 minutes per day. Spelling Power relies on methods originated by Orton-Gillingham, that are research-proven and effective.

Besides the book itself, The Spelling Power package comes complete with a DVD to help you get started; a special User’s Website, with 24/7 support access; free lifetime User’s Help Line and free lifetime User’s Newsletter subscription. The CD-ROM that comes with Spelling Power has three main sections. 1) Reproducible Forms 2) Searchable Word List, and 3) Spelling Power Digital Tutor and the computer can be used for supplemental activity, but the great majority of work is real-world – not cyber.

To ensure that your spelling program is a success, Adams-Gordon, the publishers of Spelling Power, also offer other innovative spelling aids: Activity Task Cards, which are used for 5 minutes per session and offer Drills, Skill Builders, Homonyms and more; Magnetic Alphabet Tiles, which make mistakes easy to correct and provide a fun way to practice phonics and spelling skills; Student Record Books to aid you and your child in tracking progress. With the complete line of products, you can eliminate lesson planning, because Adams-Gordon has provided the full material to that end.

If you want an excellent spelling curriculum, visit the Spelling Power website and get started on your journey to spelling power! JG

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