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College Prep Genius

400 Woodland Ct.
Hurst, Tx. 76053
81-SAT-2-PREP (817-282-7737

Full Scholarship
If those words mean a great deal to you, College Prep Genius is just what you need. CPG provides the solution to finding scholarships and paying for college through an exclusive program designed to increase standardized test scores. With our help you can:

* Attend College for Free
* Raise your SAT Score by as much as 600 points
* Be accepted by the college(s) of your choice

Whether you did not save the money for expensive college tuition, make too much to qualify for loans and grants or your child’s SAT score is too low to gain acceptance into his/her desired college, College Prep Genius can help!

Many students simply don’t understand the strategies and logic behind standardized tests such as the SAT and CEB. These exams test more than just a student’s ability to answer questions; they test time-management skills, logical aptitude and much more. College Prep Genius helps students to pinpoint weak areas of the test. We emphasize the strategies and logical approach necessary to succeed at the SAT – and we do it for a fraction of other SAT Prep products.

For a limited time, only $99 brings you the complete College Prep Genius SAT, consisting of 3 components originally costing $115.85.
* Mastering the SAT DVD
* College Prep Genius Textbook
* Class Workbook

Imagine, only $99 to help your son or daughter breeze through the SAT or other standardized tests! Only $99 to gift him or her the gift of college success from Square One! But please do not hesitate. This price is for a limited time only. Act quickly before this special pricing ends!

Visit our website, and eliminate your child’s SAT worries once and for all!


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