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Cool ID Tags

No parent wants to think about their child going missing, but if adults prepare for emergencies accordingly, a sense of calm will prevail during times of chaos.

Cool ID Tags ( makes it easy and affordable for parents to take necessary precautions, and the company makes the identification tags cool so that kids want to wear them.

Besides the traditional style of wearing the ID tag on a chain around your neck, these specialized tags can also be attached to shoes, a person’s wrist or clothing. They can also serve as nifty luggage tags. The ID tags are lightweight yet sturdy and extremely affordable: One tag is only $7.95 and three tags are only $19.50.

Children will enjoy the fact that they can design their own ID tag online. has over 300 hundred vibrant graphics to choose from. Personalized photos or artwork can be uploaded and also added. has a unique online order form that allows consumers to see their tag creation as it is being done!

Designing an ID tag is a simple three step process: First you select a graphic or upload a photo; next, you enter up to six lines of information and…voila!  You can see exactly how the tag will look in step three.

Sport enthusiasts should consider buying a Cool ID Tag to wear on their outdoor excursions or for their secluded treks. A Velcro ankle or wrist strap can also be added.

The founder of, Larry Osborne, an avid runner, came up with the idea for his product while traveling. I dawned on him during a nightly jog that if something catastrophic happened; no one would know who he was because he was in a strange city.

“I realized that when I went for a run my dog Nutmeg wore more ID than I did,” he exclaims.

Recently, Osborne personally found out just how important carrying an ID tag is when he fell from his mountain bike and separated his shoulder. “This incident brought home the value of carrying emergency contact ID,” he recalls.

Identification tags make popular gift items. They also make a unique fundraising product. Homeschool groups, charter schools and individual homeschoolers who are strapped for cash and need to raise funds can contact about fundraising opportunities.

Creating an ID tag is a fun activity that parents can do with their homeschoolers and it provides the perfect entry point for more serious conversations about safety and emergency preparedness.

It’s really unbelievable how an $8 item can be absolutely priceless during an emergency.

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