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Cottey College

1000 W. Austin, Nevada, Missouri 64772  1- 888-5-COTTEY

By Jane Rivers

College selection is a challenging decision for all students, but especially for homeschooling families. After years of developing a safe, creative environment for student learning, students are expected to enter a new world – both socially and academically. For the first time, homeschoolers are challenged to learn and engage in school, while being bombarded by unfamiliar distractions and social pressures. This can be especially true for young women who are not accustomed to the constant attention from young men. Some parents choose to sacrifice academic excellence in order to maintain a safe and secure home life for young college-age women. However, there is one school that offers academic excellence in a safe and nurturing environment. Cottey College is a home away from home – a perfect fit for homeschooling students.


Cottey College offers a unique, memorable experience for women seeking higher education. It is also a wonderful school for those young women who have been homeschooled or are used to alternative education. Cottey is a perfect blend of independence and support for those students ready to expand their academic careers. The school offers far more than the opportunities and courses available at most local community colleges. And unlike community college, more than 95% of Cottey students earning their Associate’s degree, go on to four-year institutions. There are a variety of Associate degree options available, each one designed to transfer credit into a four-year college or university. The school has also expanded, allowing women to stay at Cottey to earn their bachelor’s degree. Students can complete their undergraduate programs to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business, English, Environmental Studies, International Relations, Liberal Arts, or Psychology. Graduates go on to highly successful careers in business, entertainment, marketing, education, sports, communications, and often continue their studies in graduate or law school.

The focus on single-gender education is meant to create an environment where students feel empowered, that encourages self-confidence, and inspires active involvement within the school and community. The success rate of Cottey College students is testimony to the philosophy behind all-women education, but independent research also supports these claims. Graduates of women’s colleges are more than twice as likely to receive doctorate degrees, when compared to graduates of  co-ed colleges. Also, graduates of women’s colleges are found to have more success in their careers, often hold higher positions, and report being happier and earning more money, when compared to those same graduates of co-ed colleges.

While Cottey College is not affiliated with any religious denomination, there are many opportunities for spiritual growth and practice, both on campus and throughout the community. I highly recommend attending the Welcome Picnic during Orientation Weekend, where you will meet leaders of the local churches. Parents can also learn more about the “Adopt-a-Student” program offered by most area churches. These programs are a wonderful opportunity for your daughter to successfully transition to a new home and community -- physically and spiritually.

Campus life at Cottey College offers rich and rewarding activities and a much fun. Students can join more than 40 clubs on campus, participate in the newly-expanded athletics program, enjoy theatrical and musical performances, and join in the many organized off-campus trips. Student housing is a big part of campus life, where 10-14 young women share a common suite. Each suite contains a central, common livingroom, large bathroom, and kitchenette. For more information, including academic disciplines, tuition costs and admissions, please visit their website at JR



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