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Elemento™ - A Fun Way To Learn

Elemento™ provides a recreational way to learn the Table of Elements. Elements are substances or materials that are composed of only one type of atom and are essential for the study of chemistry and other branches of science.

It is well-known among many homeschooling families that the best way to learn something – especially something which has memorization attached to it, is by making a game of it. Elemento™ does just that – you are so busy playing the game that you do not think about what you are learning and committing to memory. After just a few times of playing Elemento™, the elements’ relationships, symbols, functions and atomic weights begin to sink in; if one really dedicated time to playing the game, the entire table could be memorized in a fairly short time.

Richard Lewis, the inventor of Elemento™, understands that just as everyone who plays Monopoly™ a few times memorizes the location of Boardwalk, Marvin Gardens or Illinois Avenue, after playing Elemento™ a few times, players memorize the location of Mercury, Gold, Argon, Carbon, etc. and also develop an understanding of the relationships of the elements. Each box on the Periodic Table game board includes the element’s name, its symbol, and the atomic number which represents the number of protons in the atom's nucleus. Because the Periodic Table is a grouping of like elements, it can quickly tell us many facts. Because elements combine or not depending on how many electrons are in their outer shells, the Periodic Table can help us predict which elements combine to form compounds.

The beautiful and attractive game board is modeled on Monopoly™, with each element occupying its own square. As you proceed around the board, you play, not with money, but with neutrons and protons. The object is to buy as many elements as possible and when people land on an element owned by you, they have to pay you in protons. In the simplest form of the game, the person with the most protons wins. There are approximately four configurations of the game, including a quick version, just like Monopoly™. The game is recommended for ages 10 to adult and is perfect for three or four players.

Elemento™ is a unique and visionary game that can help students and adults begin to learn about chemistry and the elements that make up our world.

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