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Gift of Logic

Want to develop comprehensive Logic and Reasoning skills using an easy-to-digest curriculum?

The GiftOfLogic ™  - Critical Thinking & Logical Reasoning Series is a 12-Workbook Curriculum in Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning.  Each workbook focuses on three strands -  Verbal, Analytical and Pictorial Reasoning.  It introduces K-12 students to Critical reading, Logic, Inferencing, Argumentation, Positioning, Grouping, Paper folding, Figure formation and a variety of other skills.  Ideal for students who want to get a comprehensive understanding of Logic and Reasoning.  The skills learned from these workbooks will be useful in any college and career track you undertake – Liberal Arts or STEM.


The series is divided into three groups for guidance. The Red books are a set of 3 workbooks for grades K-2. The Green workbooks are a set 3 workbooks for grades 3-5. The Blue books are a set of 6 workbooks for grades 6-12. These workbooks can be completed one after the other depending on interest and ability.

Visit for more information and to download sample problems from each workbook.

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