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Reading and Phonics
Go Phonics

By Natasha Pirtz

Go Phonics is coming to the forefront as a balanced reading program for teaching a child at home who is struggling, has dyslexia, or needs a fun, hands-on approach. It incorporates ALL of the beginning reading skills: phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, reading, handwriting, spelling, and K-2 language arts.  With 50 phonics games, worksheets, and over 80 illustrated decodable stories, instruction is fun and memorable. Guided lessons for direct instruction and integrated tools help insure success. If you’re searching for a program that does all this, then Go Phonics is for you. Website:  

What makes Go Phonics unique? With Go Phonics, systematic and explicit phonics instruction is steering the course. The program is built upon 6 volumes of phonetically sequenced stories. You teach the phonetic codes one at a time, in sequential building block fashion. At the same time, you’re teaching the K-2 language arts skills. Reading specialists will tell you, “It’s hard to find good phonetically sequenced stories with controlled vocabulary. These books are like gold to us.” The phonics and language arts skills are linked to the stories so that students can exercise their learning in meaningful text. 

Teachers and home educators are achieving success with Go Phonics. Rita Newmarker, a kindergarten teacher, touts the program’s ability to provide good handwriting instruction. “I want to shout to the roof top how well my kids are reading and writing! Their accomplishments have been absolutely amazing. …from day one, holding their pencil the correct way,…and eliminating reversals. As of mid March, one group is now halfway through Level 2 (short vowels). I also have another group in Level 3 (long vowels) reading with ease.” With integrated tools to support this Orton-Gillingham approach, Rita confirms, “This program is so very teacher friendly and supplies everything to teach, no matter what the individual students’ needs are. That is essential today when we teachers are given students with such a wide array of beginning capabilities and special needs.”

Go Phonics has 50 phonics games that supply another benefit—word decoding practice prior to reading. Home educator, Shirley Hein, had this to say, “This is a tremendous program. The lessons have been very clear. It’s all right there. My daughter has really glommed-on to the games. What really makes it for us if the games.”

Go Phonics author, Sylvia Davison, is a 41-year teaching veteran. She created these materials to empower teachers, tutors and parents…anyone that wants to help someone learn to read. With this resource, parents stand a better chance of catering to the different learning styles of their children because Go Phonics incorporates the use of multiple senses (auditory, visual, kinesthetic). One child’s may be a visual learner, while another may rely more on what they hear. And for all of them, Go Phonics helps keep students engaged as they get the foundation they need.


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