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Hewitt Homeschooling Resources

by Michael Leppert

The Hewitt Homeschooling Foundation was co-founded in 1964 by Dr. Raymond Moore, one of modern homeschooling’s most prominent pioneers and champions. Hewitt’s philosophy and attitude toward education reflect the common-sense approachs to teaching and raising our own children that Dr. Moore and his wife have developed and fostered over the past 40+ years.

Today, Hewitt is one of the most broad and powerful resources for homeschoolers, providing unique and exceptional service to homeschooling families from all backgrounds, although it is Christian based.

Hewitt Homeschooling currently offers the following services:

1. Curricula (including over 800 products, both Christian and secular).

2. Standardized testing for Grades 3 through 8 with our own PASS (Personalized Achievement Summary System) test which we had specifically written for home schoolers (over 5,000 were given in the past year).

3. Recommendations, counseling and written evaluations from junior high through high school

The Hewitt website is packed with products and support information, valuable to anyone homeschooling. They underlying philosophy is that children should not have their natural curiosity and thirst for knowing “worked” out of them the way institutional schooling tends to do with long hours, mounds of homework and a negative social environment. These family-based, child-healthy principles are valued by homeschoolers of all backgrounds and walks of life, despite their religious orientation. Therefore, the Hewitt Homeschooling website has a great deal to offer all parents – even those not currently homeschooling. Nothing will convince a parent that homeschooling is the best way to teach and raise a child than the type of information – both academic and social – that people like Hewitt Homeschooling provide. From Dr. Brian Ray’s research into homeschoolers’ performance in standardized testing, to low-stress academic materials, including the Lightning Literature series, Hewitt Homeschooling demonstrates understanding and devotion to bedrock homeschooling values that we appreciate.

One of Hewitt’s innovations is the PASS test for Grades 3 through 8. The Hewitt PASS standardized test provides homeschooling parents with a viable alternative to public school testing. The PASS test is designed to allow you to avoid the destructive stress and negative labeling that often follows the taking of a standardized test. In the fields of Reading, Language and Math, the PASS test allows the parent to assess the adequacy of his/her teaching methods and can also provide an uplift in your student’s confidence. Hewitt sends you the test, you have four weeks to administer it and return it to them for scoring. They suggest giving the test six months apart to gain an accurate assessment, but there is no obligation to do so. Alaska, New York, and North Carolina have officially approved the PASS Test for purposes of their state reporting, and you are urged to check with your local school district or agency regarding their acceptance of the PASS test in lieu of another standardized exam.

Please visit Hewitt’s website to learn more about this excellent organization and its useful and unique offerings to all homeschoolers. M.L.


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