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Your Inner Geek, LLC was founded as a way to share the love of technology and learning with the next generation. World-wide, imaginative techies are creating amazing and useful projects, using programming skills and electronics knowledge. Some of these devices or inventions are open source, which allows anyone to use them for their own projects or contribute to others.

For technically-oriented students, learning how to write code and developing a basic knowledge of electronics is essential to enter this wonder world of modern creative applications.

Your Inner Geek offers two versions of an inexpensive kit that accomplishes exactly those two objectives. They are the same, but one requires soldering and one does not. It is probably better to choose the soldering kit, if possible, since this is yet another skill that will be useful and necessary in all future electronics work.

• Geek-Pack One: Electronics N Programming Series (PCB soldering) ($39.95) “This is a hands-on educational kit designed to teach basic electronics and C/C++ computer programming for ages 12 - 18. The kit contains numerous electronic components (6 different colored LED's, Ultra-Sonic range detector, potentiometer, momentary contact switch, 2 dual color LED's, buzzer) and is based upon the Arduino Nano microcontroller and the completed kit is contained in a 3D printed box. Students will learn to program in C/C++ is a step by step manner where each concept is introduced just prior to first use and interesting projects are designed, constructed and then programmed. Available in the following colors: Red, Translucent Red, Yellow, Translucent Yellow, Green, Translucent Green, White, Translucent White/Clear, Orange, Translucent Orange, Sky Blue, Black, Purple. Extensive manual at and on business card CD shipped with product (PC only).

This is the Electronics N Programming Series and contains a printed circuit board. The student simply installs the components and solders them in place. The use of a soldering iron is required but the soldering skills required are basic. The Programming Series comes fully assembled and tested, ready to program. All three Series teach the same electronics and computer programming skills - the difference is in the level of soldering skill and complexity. Size: 2.8' (71mm) wide x 4.8" (123mm) long x 1.3" (35mm) deep”

• Geek Pack One: The Programmable Box, Programming Series (No-Soldering) ($49.95) This is the Programming Series and is suitable where soldering is either not practical or desired. These kits come fully assembled and tested -- ready to program. Size: 2.8' (71mm) wide x 4.8" (123mm) long x 1.3" (35mm) deep.

See the website for further information and help your student get started today to leap into the future!

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