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Jane Woods Books - Adventure and Mystery for ages 9-14

Florida Kids Press, Inc.
11802 Magnolia Falls Dr.
Jacksonville, FL 32258

By Jennifer Nairne

Jane R. Wood has developed a series of five books that are perfect for the older kids in your life. And although they are targeted for ages 9-14, the entire family will love uncovering the many thrilling journeys of discovery that await! They are an ideal learning resource for students to expand on History curriculum, but more than that, these books are thrillingly addictive. Each book weaves together local history, the environment, adventure, and mystery, to create stories that are both educational and incredibly fun to read. By engaging in a reader’s natural curiosity, you immediately fall head-first into captivating stories you just can’t put down. The characters seem to spring to life off of the pages!

All five books follow the Johnsons -- an ordinary family swept up on extraordinary adventures. There is Joey, 13-years-old, Bobby, nine-years-old, and Katy, five-years-old. These charming stories are told through a child’s perspective, offering your own young readers a bridge into a world that is enchanting, but still relatable to their own lives. Ghosts, pirates, princesses, buried treasure, epic quests, humorous situations, the birth of America, and even manatees -- this series has a little something for everyone to find a personal connection to history.

At the heart of each book is a joyful spirit of adventure combined with insatiable curiosity -- essentially, the true spirit of youth. In Voices in St. Augustine, the oldest Johnson child, Joey, begins hearing strange voices. This curious event only becomes more mysterious, setting Joey off on an epic journey through history that changes his life forever. Local history again comes to life for the Johnson family in Adventures on Amelia Island. Pirates, ghosts, a princess, and treasure hunts are just some of the haunting adventures that await the three young kids. When the Johnsons tour the historic cities of Savannah and Charleston in Ghost on the Coast, the three siblings go on heart-pounding adventures, discovering ghosts and flirting with danger all along the way. The travel-loving Johnsons discover more than they ever expected in Lost in Boston. Subways, new (delicious!) foods, unforgettable cemeteries, crime-solving, rescues, baseball, and even a bit of young love -- Joey, Bobby, and Katy discover the rich history of the birth of our country and much more in Boston. Trouble on the St. John’s River is a different type of adventure for the Johnsons -- both heartbreaking and empowering. Bobby, Joey, and Katy bring their sense of adventure and fun in tackling environmental problems head-on. Their creation, “The Greenies,” shows kids how everyone can take part in protecting the natural world that surrounds them

Author Jane Wood’s personal life and forty-year professional career has laid the ideal foundation to enable her to create this wonderful series of books. After graduating with a major in history and a minor in English, Jane went on to teach junior high and high school. Her second career began with the birth of her first child, promoting herself to chief of the household, otherwise known as a stay-at-home mom. Once the boys were older, Jane went on to write for her local newspaper and eventually earned a Master’s degree in Education. She applied all of the skills and knowledge she learned in producing educational programming for her local cable company. In creating her engaging books, Jane has combined all of this incredible professional experience with her love of history and personal passion for our natural environments. The result is a series of books that not only engages students in history, but also encourages kids to become active members of their local communities.

For more information on all five of these books, including pricing and ordering for Nook or Kindle, please visit the website at JN

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