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Yes, it's true! Right now thousands of kids are learning that they can't be successful—just because they're not good at math or English, or memorizing history facts, or sitting still in a chair. least 80% of the adult population doubt their own abilities for success because of the same school messages they received while growing up.

Did you know that most kids are not ready developmentally to read or write until they are 8 or 9 years old—that the muscles of their eyes are not ready to track print, and that their wrists and hands are not ready for pencils?

Did you know that at least 60% of the population are picture and hands-on learners?

Did you know that people who are not print learners will NOT learn to spell by writing words over and over again?

Did you know that reading and writing would come easily to most children and adults if we waited for developmental readiness and then taught simple strategies for their learning styles?

Do you know the 4 Periods of Learning? They are: Introduction, Recognition, Recall, and Fluency. Most teaching methods completely skip Periods 2 and 3 (and sometimes even 1!) and go directly to Period 4 - Fluency. For certain skills or content, a student might need to be in Period 1 or 2 for months or even several years, depending on the topic and the students’ learning styles.

Very little of this known information about how people learn is applied in our education system (including many homeschool settings) and so kids are labeled slow, ADD, ADHD, learning disabled, dyslexic, or worse—just average! In reality, these are the thinking/creating, inventing, performing people—the Einsteins and Picassos and Marie Curies—the potential scientists, inventors, musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs!

At the LearningSuccess™ Institute we believe that all students are capable and that their potentials are unlimited. We expect differences in individual students—different learning readiness, different rates for learning, and a need for different teaching methods. We know that what works best for one student's learning is often counterproductive for another's.

1. Enroll in our Homeschooling Program - for grades 1-12 (high school diploma provided), includes monthly appointments with your personal LearningSuccess Coach

2. Take our Learning Style Profile online - order here to get $5.00 off each profile -
the whole family can take the profile online and receive immediate, printable results and teaching recommendations
Learning Style Profile

3. Read our book, Discover Your Child’s Learning Style - the Learning Style Profile is included in the book!

“This Program changed our family’s life...” Michael & Mary Leppert, publishers of The Link

For more information visit our website: or contact us at 805-648-1739.


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