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Motherboard Books

by Michael Leppert

Computing is the mainstay of today’s business -- and tomorrow’s. Designing websites, creating web-based ads and e-mail ads offers a lucrative and enjoyable professional future. But many homeschooled children do not receive computer training. Motherboard Books can change that, however.

Phyllis Wheeler, homeschooling mother and the computer technologist behind Motherboard Books knows that there is an abundance of instructional material on building websites and programming, but this information is not aimed at teaching children real computer skills. Her course, Computer Science Pure and Simple, offers a complete computer science curriculum.

Eleven states require students to take a computer course before graduating from high school: AL, DE, MD, MI, NE, NH, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT -- this is obviously the future trend. Among the topics that the course covers are keyboarding; writing HTML code – the backbone of website design and maintenance; MS Word and MS Excel for creating spreadsheets. With these skills, your children will be ready to obtain employment in a very large marketplace. The prerequisites for Computer Science Pure and Simple are typing skills 40 wpm and preliminary knowledge of a word processor and an available adult who is comfortable using a word processor, saving files, searching the Internet, and using email. Visit their website for more information. MjL


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