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MusIQ Homeschool - Early to Multi-Level Music Curriculum Software Develops Musical Skill & Increased Math Ability
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By Michael Leppert and Lennon Leppert

By now, the fact that early music instruction increases math and general mental ability in children of all ages,is well-established -- beyond the Mozart Effect.One of the best ways to build self-esteem is through the study of music, allowing the child to see his/her progress as a short time passes and practice is performed.Self-discipline is also learned in a pleasing way and a well-rounded education has to include the study of music for all of its value in human development. Homeschool families have long appreciated these facts.

In order to achieve both goals, Adventus has created MusIQ -- exciting and valuable sets of homeschool music-learning materials that will wonderfully develop your child's musical skills per seand will also increase his/her math ability -- and MusIQis reasonably-priced!

For beginners, the MusIQChildren's Music Journey series(CMJmodules 1, 2 & 3) offers basic note-reading games and exercises that start your(typically) 4- to 10-year-old right off playing simple pieces and developing musical awareness. In animation, a famous composer adds some history of his time and plays a well-known piece of his at the end of each lesson --(50 pieces per year).At the end of Lesson #1, the student plays with both hands, above and below Middle C! For non-musical people this means nothing, but to musicians, this represents an advanced level for a very young child to perform. Plus, your child can record his own pieces any time, by using the Library feature of the CMJ. This stimulates creativity in a non-stressful, fun way.

The CMJ 1contains Skill Developing games that offer the student fun ways to learn the notes in as little as two to three weeks. There are 10 games in each level and ear development begins immediately. Children with ADD or ADHD as young as 4 or 6, really enjoy the rhythm games in this section.

The CMJ software also contains a Record/Improv feature that allows the child to play along with existing music in the program, to improvise to it and record it into the computer. This skill, to play along with others and hear your own progress and make up music on the spot, is very significant to total music learning. We have not seen another software program that provides this sophisticated play-along function.

The most significant feature value of the MusIQ software is the interactive learning engine, which is very effective in helping your child steadily progress by seeing immediate feedback on the computer screen. This feature is present throughout the program and helps the student develop confidence in reading and performing music. Once confidence is achieved, progress is even more rapid and the student realizes his/her real potential.

MusIQ has a very extensive list of valuable features that make it extremely reasonable in price, especially if factored over a 3- to 6-year period. One of these is the Notation Feature, which allows the student to enter notes onto software "sheet music", which can be printed out. Professional composers/arrangers use high-end versions of such notation software to compose and write out parts to be played. Such a program by itself costs over $600!

Over the 6-years of thecurriculum, itcovers every aspect of music imaginable: Music Theory, which is all elements of note-reading -- identifying the notes on the grand staff, the various Clefs, bar lines, time values, pitch identification; Music History, related by famous composers; Live Playing with the Record feature and writing his/her own music with the Notation feature.

Very little parental involvement is necessary using MusIQ, because the program itself offers much forward motion, but parents can have a great deal of input, too, if they are musical. All of the features can be enjoyed by a parent and child or two children and this simply adds to the already-strong motivation in MusIQ.

The MusIQChildren's Music JourneyPackagescan be purchased in bundles, covering up to 3 years' of study and include an optional 49-key (MIDI)portable keyboard which you can plug into your computer using a simple interface and actually play the exercises along with the software and then practice -- even with headphones -- after the lesson.

Please visit the MusIQ website and give your children the gift of a lifetime -- musical knowledge and instruction. MjL&LML

Lennon Leppert is 25-years-old. He is an accomplished composer, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist who was homeschooled all of his life. He lives and works in Los

Michael Leppert is Lennon's dad and is also an accomplished songwriter, composer, singer, guitarist with many years' experience. He lives and works in Los Angeles.


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