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New Society Publishers

By Michael Leppert

New Society Publishers is a Canadian company with foresight and intelligence that makes them a cutting-edge publisher of “idea” books. So, it comes as no surprise that they are the publisher of John Taylor Gatto’s most recent look inside the brainwashing that is American public schooling.

Anyone even slightly familiar with Mr. Gatto’s writings over the past 18 years knows what to expect: Societal observations that blast your eyes open and make the small voice in the back of your head murmur “Yeah, you knew that all along. You weren’t the only one.” But Gatto does not merely criticize, he offers alternatives that work, especially homeschooling. Homeschooling is Mr. Gatto’s only hope to keep the mind-numbing, will-crippling disease of public, mass education away from our children.

In his thirty years in Manhattan’s junior high school system, Gatto saw the problems and wrestled with solutions that actually paid off. His successful Guerilla Curriculum project is well-known to long-time readers of The Link and his numerous books have touched upon different aspects of the “crowd control” that is modern public schooling – and even adult life.

John Taylor Gatto specializes in bringing to light things that have been apparent all along, like the nose on our faces, but he holds up a mirror and we see through the glass lightly.

Weapons of Mass Instruction is the latest mirror, showing us the diabolical (but stoppable) movements behind mass everything – schooling, medicine, politics. The overwhelming herd mentality that is crippling our nation was planned long ago and now we see the fruit it has borne, in full force. A nation like the United States could not have been founded by sheeple and it cannot be sustained by sheeple. If we don’t wake up and act upon the the obvious signs and directions John Taylor Gatto is pointing out . . . we will not like the consequences – most of us already don’t!

Please read Weapons of Mass Instruction. You will be riveted by John Taylor Gatto’s laser insight and humor. If you ever have any doubts that you are doing the best thing for your children by homeschooling, he will dispel your doubts within a few pages. And also please visit New Society Publishers’ website, and see their complete line of thoughtful and useful books for today’s living. MjL


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