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Oak Meadow Curriculum and School

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Enjoy the benefits of learning at home with a curriculum uniquely suited to your student’s learning style!

For over 35 years, Oak Meadow has provided parents with the flexibility to craft a custom-made education at an affordable price. Offering both a comprehensive K-12 curriculum and a fully accredited distance learning school, Oak Meadow provides families the opportunity to craft a custom-made education at an affordable price.

Curriculum: Complete, Well-Rounded, and Uniquely Creative

Oak Meadow’s curriculum includes everything you need for an entire year: Lesson plans, assignments, activities, readings, and craft kits. Weekly lesson plans, open choice assignments, and both print-based and online alternatives recognize the myriad of ways in which students can learn. Experiential and hands-on lesson plans are infused with imagination and heart! (See below for Oak Meadow’s “4 Principles of Learning”)

School: Fully Accredited, Expert Faculty, Official Academic Credit

Enrollment in Oak Meadow’s school is an excellent option for families seeking support of expert faculty and official academic credit. Unlike many distance learning or virtual schools, Oak Meadow’s small size means students enjoy ready access to an involved teacher and benefit from a supportive and productive student-teacher relationship. Students may begin at any time and work at their own pace.

Oak Meadow’s Four Principles of Learning
As  pioneer in the homeschooling movement, Oak Meadow’s carefully crafted principles provide an excellent benchmark for families researching their homeschooling options:

✓  Align with rigorous academic standards

Oak Meadow curriculum is designed around rigorous standards while maintaining a commitment to a creative, experiential, and child-centered education. Rather than relying on repetition, memorization, and multiple choice tests, a special emphasis is placed on reading and writing, and students are asked to think critically and creatively. Oak Meadow’s unique approach offers a hybrid of accredited standards infused with imagination and heart to encourage all students to reach their potential.

✓  Involve the whole child

Oak Meadow believes that true education involves more than just the intellect: it engages and integrates every aspect of the child—head, heart and hands. Students reach a deeper understanding of the material by integrating lessons across subject areas. Oak Meadow offers assignments that ask children to read, write, and think, and also to paint, draw, play music, write poetry, and build things, encouraging balanced and healthy development, and a true flexibility of thinking.

✓  Respect the natural development of children

Healthy childhood development is fostered by keeping lessons well-grounded in a familiar reality for the young child, and abstract concepts are gradually introduced as the student advances through the curriculum. Oak Meadow’s rigorous, college preparatory high school curriculum challenges young adults to hone their skills and knowledge in preparation for launching into college or career. Imagination, experimentation, and inquiry are carefully balanced through the grades in a way that keeps wonder and excitement alive in all students.

✓  Adapt to each child’s unique learning style

Because every learner is different, Oak Meadow allows students to demonstrate their mastery of the material in a variety of ways. With assignments designed to accommodate visual, auditory, and physical learning styles, Oak Meadow curriculum provides opportunities for all children to learn easily, successfully and enjoyably. They also offer the ability for students to work at different grade levels in different subjects, once again honoring the unique learning abilities of each individual.


Oak Meadow Resources

Books, crafts and resources: Oak Meadow’s onlineBookstore offers a wide array of beautiful books and high quality craft supplies to inspire creative expression, imaginative play, and hands-on art projects.

Homeschooling Support Service: For an hourly fee, you can enjoy Oak Meadow’sHomeschoolingSupportService. Phone consultations with an experienced Oak Meadow teacher can provide inspiration, support and personalized guidance.

Worldwide Online Homeschooling Community: Accessed throughFacebook, Oak Meadow’s online community shares homeschooling tips and ideas, and celebrates the joys and challenges of homeschooling together. Through this supportive, informative forum, Oak Meadow offers recommended links to the most current online resources for homeschoolers.

Oak Meadow’s Free Seasonal Journal: InLivingEducation, both experienced homeschoolers and those new to the journey will find inspiring and helpful articles designed to enlighten, entertain, and enhance your home education experience.

K-8 Grade Overviews: OurK-8 Catalog includes grade overviews to help you determine the correct grade placement and to guide those who are submitting a Letter of Intent to Homeschool to their state Department of Education. They can also be used as a curriculum planning guide for those who are combining materials from many different sources.

High School Course Planning: OurHighSchoolCatalog includes course suggestions by grade, based the graduation requirements for students enrolled in Oak Meadow High School. It also provides information on the benefits of print-based learning, and tips on how to use the homeschooling or distance learning high school experience to your advantage in the college admissions process.

College Planning Guide: OurCollegeAdmissionsGuide helps students prepare for college and career long before the college application process begins. The Guide includes information on creating a portfolio, NCAA eligibility guidelines, the Common App, college admissions exams, and more.

To learn more about Oak Meadow Curriculum and School and get started creating an effective and exciting home learning experience for the whole family, call 802-251-7250, send an email to, or visit our website


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