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Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum (PAC)

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By Michael Leppert

Homeschooling families understand that the standard school model of education does not typically spark the minds of students. This is the underlying reality for the majority of under-achieving students. Providing an imaginative and unique approach to the delivery of information and creating a reality-based connection with the individual child grabs his/her attention and makes learning come alive – and remain with the student for life.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum (PAC) offers the perfect alternative academic materials and program to create such a connection.


PAC founder and CEO, Dr. Ronald Johnson, worked from the standpoint that principle-based curriculum that has an accelerated delivery format will serve any student well -- particularly the under-achievers who are often bored into academic failure by the school model.

PAC’s curriculum and materials have been developed after years of painstaking research with educational/learning scientists and professional adults from all walks of life, who deal with students and/or learning. As a result, PAC not only addresses academic matters, but also helps students maintain a positive attitude toward self to achieve a fulfilling life after school.

PAC offers an extensive array of subjects and courses, from 7th to 12th grade. One of the most significant is the Practical Home and Shop Skills Course. With it, students learn skills involving electricity, plumbing, budgeting, carpentry, and mechanics, as well as positive character traits and interaction with others. The course consists of 75 lessons contained in five soft-cover books, five companion activity books, a Teacher’s Resource Kit, quizzes, chapter tests and a CD-ROM for printing quizzes, tests, etc., as needed.

The PAC curriculum also includes complete high school English courses, with Grammar, Punctuation, Parts of Speech, Creative Writing, Literature –all of the English skills the high school student needs upon graduation. Other offerings from PAC include Basic and Intermediate Math; 7th and 8th grade Science; Precepts of Anatomy & Physiology; Integrated Physics and Chemistry; American History and other supplemental topics.

Parents can set up a homeschool program by ordering and completing the PAC Homeschool Starter Kit (Product #76285) which provides forms and guidelines for operating an effective home-based school with PAC curriculum. And, single parent mothers qualify for a 10% discount on most PAC catalog retail prices.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum offers a tremendous opportunity to homeschooling parents and their children to learn at their own speed, in an imaginative and accelerated environment, free of the frustrating foot-dragging that is characteristic of classrooms.

The “home school” section of PAC’s website,, includes an excellent advice list, guiding the parent in ways to enable his/her child to become a successful student. Other helpful resources are available along with the complete PAC catalog. Please visit the website and spend an hour or two delving into Dr. Johnson’s brilliant system. MjL


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