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PCI Education Provides Engaging Materials for All Students

Most homeschoolers would readily agree that a healthy attention to the “Three R’s” is the cornerstone of a child’s education, but peripheral subjects such as character building, social interaction, and critical thinking are equally valuable in developing a well-rounded, confident person.

A lightbulb inside an apple, PCI Education’s logo, represents the company’s philosophy of providing bright ideas to educators, both teachers and parents. PCI offers a comprehensive selection of more than 5000 innovative and engaging products that cover a wide spectrum of education, including social and behavior.

For instance, in the areas of learning to converse, think critically, and express opinions, which are essential but not specifically covered in the traditional academic realm, PCI offers Conversation Start-Ups. This hands-on game introduces students to social language and develops conversation skills. Players share feelings, opinions, personal experiences, and information. The included teacher’s guide provides tips for encouraging such conversations. During each players turn, other participants ask pertinent questions and make comments, which increases their focus and interest.

Additionally, PCI offers an exciting assortment of character education and social skills books that teach tolerance, honesty, consideration, cooperation, and other character traits. Books that cover these topics can be difficult to find elsewhere. PCI’s full-color books are affordable and captivating, and students will find them a pleasure to read and re-read.

A complete line of pre-reading, early reading, and language arts products that help you prepare your younger child for the exciting adventure of reading is also available through PCI. There are a number of book packs with read-alongs on cassette or CD, such as Bugg Books, for reluctant readers and younger readers who might need a little extra motivation with high-interest materials.

PCI also features imaginative tools for teaching basic skills to students with learning differences, as well as products for Special Ed, ESL, and Adult Ed students. In particular, Word Problems for Nonreaders allows those with limited or no reading ability to solve basic math problems based on life in the real world.

And the research-based PCI Reading Program is proven to turn nonreaders of all ages into successful readers, through a comprehensive system of repetition, hands-on practice, controlled-vocabulary reading, and high-interest activities.

Finally, PCI has a number of software products, including Word Munchers for the 21st Century, attention-holding software that allows students in grades K–8 to practice reading skills as they imagine they are traveling through outer space. Children enjoy playing while learning with Theme Park Math software, which uses a fun setting with music and animation to improve addition and subtraction skills.

PCI has the products you need to fulfill your child’s educational goals. By accentuating your child’s strengths rather than weaknesses, you build your child’s positive self-image and confidence. PCI provides plenty of easy-to-use teaching aids for students from pre–K to 12+ school grade levels. All the materials enable students to develop skills in major curriculum areas within the context of real-world applications.

Before you buy reading and other products for your K–12 student, please visit PCI’s website at and find these and many more skill-building products. You can also request a catalog or view the virtual catalog online. You will be sure to bring your child excellent learning assistance!

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