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Quality Science Labs, LLC

Science Can Be Easy To Teach!

Quality Science Labs
P.O. Box 159
Lake George, CO 80827

Middle school and High school Science Kits

by Emerson Sandow

Those six words are music to the ears of many homeschooling parents! Science . . . easy to teach? Yes! With QSL’s affordable and complete kits, covering a wide variety of disciplines, it’s true – science can be easy – and enjoyable!

The MicroChem Kit provides enough materials for all of the experiments covered, serving as the lab portion of a chemistry course. It is suitable for home study because the amount of the chemicals in the kit is very small, compared to what a normal school lab would use. No fume ventilation or mixing required! This is a great way to cover basic college-prep chemistry at home.
The Earth Science Lab Kit is equally complete, with 36 activities covering 10 areas of study – a few of which are: Layers of the Earth, Basic Tectonics, Waves: Earthquakes & Tsunamis, Volcanoes . . . to Astronomy.
Besides the two mentioned above, a few other kits in the series are: Physics, AP Biology (including dissection materials), Advanced Chemistry, Life Science and more. QSL also carries some science equipment, such as microscopes and digital scales for easy ordering when/if you need it.
All of the QSL kits represent the current state of the study discipline, so that your student will be up to date on information and experiments. All of the kits are reasonably priced for a full year of study. Imagine, taking the guesswork out of your science curriculum and guaranteeing your student of current knowledge and information.
QSL’s kits are complete with all lab manuals and basic materials to perform the activities, except for a few instances, where easy-to-obtain materials are necessary.
Before you lose any more sleep worrying about how you are going to teach middle school or high school level science to your homeschooling student, visit Quality Science Labs website and put your mind at ease! E.S.

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