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Sonlight Curriculum®

When you want your children to LOVE learning

What’s unique about Sonlight® Core curriculum packages?

Every Sonlight Core package includes a wealth of great books (the average is about 50 great works of classic literature and exciting historical biographies).

Invest your valuable time into your family rather than lesson planning.
Simply open up your Sonlight Instructor’s Guide to find already-prepared teaching notes, lesson plans and a schedule of carefully coordinated books and activities.

With Sonlight, your kids don’t just learn, they develop a lifelong LOVE to learn.
Your children make connections between ideas, events and people of history as award-winning books capture their attention, spark their imaginations and make these stories come alive.

If you want to create a hunger to learn, you aren’t likely to be disappointed as your children beg you to read “just one more chapter.” And because you are not worn out by doing all the lesson preparation yourself, you’ll have the energy to say yes!

Your children gain a heart for the world.
Sonlight books spark interest and compassion in your children for the people and cultures of many different lands.

Sonlight Curriculum enables YOU to enjoy more interaction with your children.
As you read and discuss great books together, you make memories, solidify relationships and build your children’s character.

Expect unrivaled support and genuine community.
You CAN do this! You’re not alone. When you contact a Sonlight Advisor, you get one-on-one mentorship from an experienced homeschool mom. Call today at (303) 730-6292, Option 3.

Or check out the vibrant online community of homeschool parents who await you on the Sonlight® Forums.

Sonlight Curriculum's multiplied value makes it a smart investment—for your entire family.
Because Sonlight is a literature-based program, you can teach more than one child with one package. About 90% of your Sonlight materials are reusable with multiple children so you can double, triple or even quadruple your investment.

Love to Learn Guarantee: Try Sonlight for up to half a school year, risk free.
No other homeschool curriculum has such a comprehensive guarantee: Take a full year to try up to 18 weeks of the curriculum. If it does not surpass all your expectations and desires, return it for a full refund of your purchase price.

Go to to request a catalog and enter to win a year of free curriculum!


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