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Sparkle Labs - Discover Electronics Kit

by Emerson Sandow

Sparkle Labs is the brainchild of Ariel Churi and Amy Parness, graduates of NYU. They had worked on projects together in school and wanted to continue that working relationship beyond and Sparkle Labs was born!.

One of their products, The Discover Electronics Kit comes packed with material for your budding electronics person. S/he can spend hours assembling the projects in the 32-page Instruction Manual and learning about electronics and electricity at the same time. The projects are powered by four AA batteries (not supplied), so they are safe, but still demonstrate the qualities of electricity as explained each step of the way.

There are video demonstrations at, that coincide with the projects, so your child can see and understand the concepts and the work more clearly.

The student begins by reading a short explanation of electrons, protons and neutrons and how they function in electrical circuits (or watching the video). Then you move on to building a simple circuit with a Light Emitting Diode (LED) and a Resistor and then along to a discussion of Volts, Amps & Ohms. There are a variety of basic projects to build with the many parts included: LEDs, diodes, a speaker, transistors, capacitors and so on. The Discover Electronics Kit provides a fundamental understanding of electronics and the applications of principles that will stay with your child through his/her lifetime, if so inclined. Because of the available videos, even if your child struggles with a concept, s/he can refer to the video over and over until the material is understood.

There are a huge number of applications of electronics, including music synthesizers, security systems, motion-sensitive light systems and hundreds more! A simple project set like this one is the perfect introduction to this world of seeming magic.

Besides this kit, Sparkle Labs offers other very imaginative products such as a Solar Modification Kit that becomes a solar charger for your AA or AAA powered devices. Your T.V. remote can be charged by the SMK and similar battery-operated items. Then there are the Papertronics Lunar Modules made of paper with paper electronic circuits in them! They come in a package of three modules and can be used as nightlights or decorations for your child’s room.

If your child is interested in the science of electricity and electronics, consider the Discover Electronics Kit and these other novel products as part of his/her education. Please visit the website for complete information. E.S.

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