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Study Dog Online Reading Software (Pre-K-3)

By Michael Leppert

Study Dog is an online reading program for 5-year-olds to 8-year-olds that is one of the most highly-recommended programs of its kind. None other than Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers, says it is the best educational software he has ever seen. Period.

Study Dog teaches phonics in a fun and personalized way with animated “games” that appeal to each child on his/her own level and provide plenty of practice for each skill that is addressed.

In the Kindergarten section, the child learns to link the sounds of words and the letters they represent with phonics – the overwhelmingly best way to learn to read. For instance, the hard sound of “c” as in “cut” or the soft “c” as in “city”. This exercise covers many different beginning letter sounds and awards points for correct answers.

In the First Grade level, the child continues learning by learning to make contractions, adding vowel sounds and more complex words to his/her vocabulary. The Second and Third Grade levels continue with the work begun in the lower levels and supplemental reading programs through Study Dog continue to reinforce and strengthen the child’s mastery of reading and comprehension.

Accessible from any computer with an Internet or Wifi connection, Study Dog is based on the premise that each child learns differently and that learning is not linear, but spherical. The program adapts to the child’s learning style and he can complete the lessons at his speed. She will be so busy “playing” the games that she will not notice that she is learning until much later, which is one of the prime values of Study Dog. When a child is engaged in enjoyable activity, the information can be acquired with more ease.

Parents can log into the Parent Center 24/7, to access their child’s Progress Reports and see just where his strengths and weaknesses lie and make adjustments accordingly. Please visit the website today for a free two-week trial and more information.

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