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by Theresa Harrington

StudyX is flash card software for general-purpose study. It was designed to help students learn facts faster, retain them longer, and to play games while learning. The program includes built-in material as well as a program that allows students or teachers to enter their own material in a question/answer format.  From there, students are able to practice their subjects through a variety of study tools.

Study X is designed to help student’s ages elementary to graduate. The program has a variety of study forms that can be applied to many subjects. The program offers on-screen and paper flash cards, games, quizzes and tests.

The flash cards have pre-set subjects as well as an option to add your own vocabulary list, terms, etc.  This part of the program is a great option for all ages. When you are able to add in your own questions or vocabulary, it gives you the flexibility to use the program for all subjects. Although a great number of subjects come with the program, they are not age-appropriate subjects across the board. The flash card style of studying, however, is a great fit for all ages.

Study X can also take the questions you are working on and embed them into a few games. Some games they offer are mazes, ping pong, and a tunnel game. Throughout these games, questions will appear as part of your task to completing a level. When answered correctly, students are closer to moving on to harder levels. The games would not be a challenge for the older students, but are great for students in the elementary grades.

Study X also provides quizzes and tests. These are a great tool if a quiz or test is coming up for a student.  Not only does it help them review the material, but it prepares them to be in test mode. Students are able to practice taking the test the way it will be in the classroom or homeschool.

Study X is available online at A free 30 day trial is available for students, teachers, and parents. Each software set is downloadable for up to three computers. For homeschooling parents, this brings the opportunity to have multiple programs for multiple children. Study X is also a lifetime purchase. This gives all students the option to continue to add different subjects throughout the years.

Study X is a study tool that will help students develop study skills. Homeschool parents will find great use for the customizable option, ability to download to three computers, and the satisfaction of a lifetime purchase. T.H.




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