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We recently had a chance to sit down with SuperCamp’s co-founder and president, Bobbi DePorter, and let her explain how SuperCamp is able to inspire, motivate and empower teens and pre-teens in its summer learning and life skills camps. You can watch Bobbi’s 3-minute video here:

One of the points Bobbi makes in the video is that many kids aren’t all that excited about the idea of going to SuperCamp. Their assumption is that if it’s an “academic camp” it must be boring. What a way to spend part of your summer, right?
Well, a funny thing happens once camp starts—the concerns disappear and are replaced by laughter, animated learning, new friendships, and growth. So, when graduation day arrives, it’s not surprising to hear most campers call it “the best time of my life.”


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A Life-Changing Experience
The impact of attending SuperCamp even once can be life changing. Unmotivated kids gain focus and purpose. Boys or girls who may lack confidence or self-esteem come away feeling better about themselves and their future than ever before. Underachievers benefit from an array of powerful learning skills that they can apply in all subject areas. High achievers acquire valuable communication and leadership skills that prepare them for success at the next level.

Why SuperCamp Works So Well
How does SuperCamp do it? SuperCamp uses a proprietary method of teaching and learning called Quantum Learning® that Bobbi DePorter and her elite team of educators have developed and refined over the last 36 years.

These brain-based methods, which have evolved from accelerated learning principles, are designed to unlock a young person’s full potential for learning and personal growth by creating an optimal learning environment and actively involving the whole person in every learning exercise.

Homeschool Kids and Parents Love SuperCamp. Here’s why…
Laurence Russo, a SuperCamp grad parent, explains why he loves SuperCamp. “Your camp has had such a positive impact on my kids. I would say that SuperCamp is the single most beneficial thing I have done for my kids as a parent. Both kids are happier and have so much more self-confidence. My kids are loving life and it shows. Thanks so much – I hope I can send them again!”
As for the kids, as stated above, SuperCamp is so different from what they expect – music (lots of music), dynamic instructors, supportive team leaders, bonding with team members (usually 10-12 on a team), a fun outdoor adventure day, and growth – so much growth.

College Prep and a Whole Lot More
For homeschoolers who have college on the horizon in the next two, three or four years, SuperCamp is invaluable at sharpening college-level learning skills in such areas as critical thinking, creative writing, test taking, test prep, reading comprehension and reading speed.

On the life skills side, SuperCamp helps students learn about goal-setting, time management, personal responsibility, relationship building and so many other aspects of life that enables a new college student to succeed away from home.

Supercamp FunFor kids 11-13 years old, SuperCamp’s Junior Forum similarly prepares them for their next level of learning and life. And as they acquire new skills, they gain the confidence, self-esteem and motivation to apply the skills successfully in their academic and personal lives.

SuperCamp also offers a 10-day Quantum Academy program for incoming 12th-graders and college students, which delves even deeper into developing students’ real-world skills both for college and for life after college. Quantum Academy is held at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX, near Austin.

An Unmatched Track Record of Success Stories
Over 78,000 students have graduated from SuperCamp since the program launched in 1982. The results, as documented in studies with as many as 6,000 SuperCamp grads, prove the effectiveness of the program. In a doctoral thesis, it was reported that 73 percent of grads improved their grades, 81 percent gained more confidence and 98 percent continued to use their new skills after SuperCamp.

Here’s what John, a SuperCamp grad parent says about SuperCamp. "SuperCamp gave my daughter the tools to improve not only her grades but also her attitude. She emerged a motivated ‘can't wait to learn more’ teenager. Better attitude, better self-motivation, more self-esteem and the bonus... better grades."

Four SuperCamp Locations in 2018
This year SuperCamp covers the country with its 6-day and 10-day residential summer programs, all located on great college campuses. There is Stanford (Palo Alto, CA) in the west, Villanova (Philadelphia, PA) in the northeast, the University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL) in the southeast and Southwestern University (Georgetown, TX) in the south.

Learn More at
Parents are encouraged to inquire early about reserving a spot at SuperCamp for the summer, as many camps fill up early. The SuperCamp website ( contains a wealth of information and videos. Parents also can call 800-228-5327 to speak with an enrollment consultant.

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