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Thames & Kosmos

207 High Point Ave., Portsmouth, RI 02871
(410) 683-5535/ Toll Free: (800) 587-2972

By Linda K. Foster

Founded in 2001, award winning Thames & Kosmos cites its mission as “…improving informal science education by publishing high-quality science and technology related educational products for children of all ages.” Thames & Kosmos has successfully achieved its mission through the hands-on modeling of real-world devices and processes and through its well-written comprehensive and meaningful reading materials.

Thames & Kosmos currently offers over 60 science kits in eleven categories including Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth Science, Alternative Energy & Environmental Science and Fun & Fundamentals.

Thames & Kosmos science kits offer hands-on learning through experimentation and model building to provide a fun and enjoyable learning experience. All kits are made of high-quality materials and custom parts and include full-color books and clear, well-written instructions.

The impressive array of kits covers relevant topics pertinent to the world today. “Hydropower” is a renewable energy kit that provides enough materials for 12 experiments and building projects. This exciting kit allows the young scientist to explore the power of water by building models and conducting experiments with them. Users will harness the energy of moving water by building a watermill, sawmill and hammer mill or build a hydroelectric power station to generate electricity and light an LED.

The “Global Warming” kit is the perfect introduction to one of the most-discussed and studied topics in the scientific community today. This fascinating kit provides the basic knowledge to understand the climate, why it changes and how our actions affect it. Using the full-color, 48 page manual to guide experiments, users will investigate the potential consequences of global warming on humans, ecosystems and the world’s economies. It’s never too early or too late to learn what we can do to protect the climate.

Other popular Thames & Kosmos science kits include “Candy Factory”, exploring the chemistry of crystals and the biology of taste through candy making and “Balloon Physics”, incorporating physics, chemistry and biology to learn about balloons and rubber. For younger scientists, Thames & Kosmos offers the Little Labs line, an introduction to scientific investigation geared for children ages 5 and older. The line begins with “Stepping into Science”, a starter kit with an abundance of experiments covering five topics of science fundamentals. Single topic kits in such areas as Plants, Physics, Colors, Animals and Weather provide children a well-balanced introduction to the concept and process of experimentation. Each kit offers a handful of essential experiments addressing common questions children have from their everyday observations.

Whatever the age or “field of study”, Thames & Kosmos has a science kit designed to provide hours of enjoyable learning.

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