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Tiger Tales Books – a Wonderful “Excuse” To Read to Your Little One

by Emerson Sandow

Homeschooling parents are always looking for great products to aid them in their quest to improve their children’s literacy skill. The staff at Tiger Tales Books pride themselves on publishing some of the best and most entertaining books for young readers available. Tiger Tales offers books for children ranging from Pre-K to 7 years old. The books for older readers employ vocabulary and story lines that will make reading interesting and enjoyable to 8- to 12-year-olds, but most of the books are for children between 3 and 7 years-old; they are brightly-colored, imaginative and fun to read to your little person. Children cannot be read-to enough and Tiger Tales will give you plenty of material to keep your little audience rapt and learning vocabulary at the same time!

Tiger Tales doesn’t simply offer reading books. Their line of Activity Books provides fun and hands-on work for maintaining interest and for the tactile element of your child’s learning styles. The reusable Alphabet Sticker Book will aid very young children to develop alphabet awareness and motor skills at the same time. The reusable Numbers Sticker Book performs the same function with numbers and counting. There are a variety of reusable Sticker Books besides -- Baby Animals, Dinosaurs, Construction Work, Emergency Services and many more! The older child Activity Books extend the hands-on work with coloring pages, connect-the-dots, mazes and a wide variety of fun activities. Barnyard Bingo is another activity book with a game included, that your family will enjoy playing again and again.

The line of free downloadable Teacher Guides will help the homeschooling parent to quickly and easily apply the lessons of a given Tiger Tales book to his/her child. Each Teacher Guide offers a synopsis of the story, Content Themes (friendship, family, etc.) and three Activities to perform with your child. These include drawing, Question/Answer/Discussion and another craft activity, completely explained with material list and directions to complete the activity – sort of like a mini Unit Study.

Visit the website for complete information and to review their Teacher Guides, to make your homeschooling life more fun, easier and more productive! ES

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