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Ultimate Music Theory Ltd. – Music Theory Educational Materials

By Jennifer Nairne

There are a variety of “quick” or “easy” music programs promising to train you to play an instrument in a fraction of the time usually required. They sound great and beginners usually learn the basic reading of notes and tempo, but this “shortcut” will be a deficit to your child in the long run. Imagine if someone dropped you off in a foreign country with nothing but a pocket translator – you may be able to find a clean hotel, but it would be difficult, time-consuming, and a bit scary. Knowing the language would enable you to navigate – to read, write, speak, and understand – this foreign land. Music theory is the knowledge that will allow your child to become a confident and successful musician.

Ultimate Music Theory offers a series of educational materials designed to accompany your child’s music lessons. The books teach theory to all music students, whether they take piano, violin, voice, guitar, or another instrument. There are six student workbooks and six teacher answer books that follow your child from beginner to advanced. For visual learners, there are two whiteboards: One for the teacher and one for the student. The whiteboards are two-sided with staff lines, keyboard, and circle on one side. They’re perfect for beginners practicing the placement of notes on the staff, drawing the Circle of Fifths, and much more. The series of workbooks and accompanying resources are intended to prepare students for nationally-recognized theory examinations like the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program, the U.S. standard for music and training.

Auditory, visual, and tactile learners are all addressed in the easily-understood instructions, examples, and exercises. Each student workbook contains flashcards, guide and chart, and comprehensive review tests. The flashcards help improve student retention of vocabulary and musical signs, while the guide and chart summarizes all the concepts contained in the book for quick review. Students and teachers are encouraged to sign up on the website to receive lesson plans, additional tests, newsletters and certificates of accomplishment, only available to Ultimate Music Theory Members.

Serious students of music spend years in private lessons and thousands of dollars in classes to prepare for the required national examinations. Whether your child wants to attend Julliard, or is just becoming interested in playing guitar, the Ultimate Music Theory educational materials will ensure your child receives a strong foundation in the language of music. JN

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