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Vocabulary Cartoons – “. . . why hasn't anyone thought of this before?"

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by Michael Leppert

The quote above is from a testimonial comment from an English teacher about the simple but ingenious vocabulary builder – Vocabulary Cartoons.

Vocabulary Cartoons is a series of books with cartoons on each page and here is how it works: There is a cartoon of a baseball player wearing an enormous baseball cap, for the word “Capacious”. The definition is: “Roomy, able to hold much” and the caption reads: “A SPACIOUS CAP is CAPACIOUS”

Another example: There is a cartoon of a pirate captain standing on a dock with a sign “Free Cruise”. In the background is his square rigger and the word is “Accrue” The definition is: “To accumulate over time” and the caption reads “Pirates know how to accrue a crew.”

This approach to teaching vocabulary replaces memorization to a large extent and also adds an element of fun to vocabulary building.

Among the products offered are:

SAT Vocabulary Word Power I for 7th to 12th graders who are boning up for the SAT and other standard tests. This books contains 290 rhyming and visual mnemonics that have high frequency on the SAT, along with 29 review quizzes consisting of matching and fill-in-the-blank problems.

• SAT Vocabulary Word Power II – 290 more great mnemonic cartoons, rhyming words and 29 review quizzes.

• Vocabulary Cartoons, Elementary Edition for 3rd to 6th graders. Contains 210 words every grammar school student should know presented in an easy to read format. Also includes 21 review quizzes with matching and fill in the blank problems.

• Melissa Forney’s Picture Speller for Young Writers, for K to 2nd graders – containing over 1300 colored drawings, organized by theme, to help young writers develop their skills. Also great for ESL students.

Students who have used Vocabulary Cartoons for the SAT prep have learned 72% more words than students who relied on traditional rote methods. That difference could boost one’s score considerably.

No matter what grade level your child is, Vocabulary Cartoons is a great aid in increasing his/her English skills. Visit the website,, for complete pricing and ordering.


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