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We All Can Read

PO Box 8839, Atlanta, GA 31106

by Justin Frank Polgar

The basic building blocks of reading are the same for all ages and levels of education. If we fail to form these building blocks with a solid foundation, the daily task of reading becomes a laborious struggle halting the entire learning process. The We All Can Read Online Program offers a unique program that addresses the root of the matter utilizing an Orton-Gillingham-based approach to teaching reading in an easily-accessible and cost-effective format. The reading program is designed to assist those struggling to read and spell. This direct, systematic, and sequential synthetic phonics program is used by parents and adult students in their homes and by teachers in both mainstream, special education, intervention, and ESL classes in schools. The core philosophy of this program is that one does not have to be a reading specialist to teach a student to read and spell!

We All Can Read
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Program Features:

1. A parent, teacher or tutor can implement instruction without previous and expensive training. Parents can help their child learn to read and spell even if the parent has not gone to college.
2. Nonsense words are used to teach phonics to older students who already know thousands of words by sight.
2. An adult can teach himself to read and spell on his own without a teacher or tutor.
3. Adults learn to read in the privacy of their own homes; parents teach their children at home.
4. The entire program is accessible online and does not require prior training to implement.
5. The online program teaches phonics and spelling with multisensory, step-by-step, direct instruction.
6. The cost is dramatically less than other Orton-Gillingham-based programs.

We All Can Read Introduction Video

This is a systematic, Orton-Gillingham-based reading program created for teachers and parents alike for a fraction of the cost of hiring a reading specialist! And it works! Individuals stand to save thousands of dollars over private reading tutors and similar programs. You can use the We All Can Read Online Program to offer effective and research-based instruction even if you are not a reading specialist.
“My journey in the field of teaching phonics began over thirty years ago when as an inner-city high school English and reading teacher, I was confronted with obviously bright and motivated students who somehow had failed to learn to read successfully in their previous years in school. In 1977 I began operating a reading clinic in a church basement during after-school hours with the conviction that these students were capable of becoming good readers if they could have access to the proper instruction in phonics.”
The tightly-structured and sequential lessons are appropriate for students with dyslexia and other learning challenges. Students learning English as a second language learn to read, spell, and pronounce words accurately. Lessons are incremental, logically organized, and easily learned. Videos on the website present clear and concise methodology with emphasis on enunciation and audio-visual aids.
Students learn independently or in a group setting. The program is constructed for parents and teachers to enjoy a hassle-free, automated process, where progress is consistent and rewarding. Purchasing the online license is like hiring a full-time reading specialist to work individually with an unlimited number of students at any time throughout the day, every day of the week for the entire year

The online license includes the following elements:

1. 644 lessons that combine audio, video and text - all lessons are printable!

2. All 141 lessons from the Supplemental Fluency Reader

3.Over 400 consumable worksheets

4.Forty-plus hours of video content

5.More than 115 hours of audio content

6.165 quizzes embedded within the 644 lessons - students must demonstrate mastery to proceed.

7. The first ten lessons are free!

Take a tour of the website at Here, you will find the tools and skills necessary to learn all the basic building blocks for a solid and successful foundation in reading. JFP

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