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Wolverine Sports

Review by Linda K. Foster

Wolverine Sports is a one-stop-shopping site for sporting goods from archery to wrestling. A manufacturer and distributor of sporting goods for over 50 years, this company offers equipment and supplies for games, fitness, recreational sports and physical education, suitable for use by the very young or the sports professional.

For young children, Wolverine Sports offers backboard and playground equipment specifically designed to withstand abuse and rough play and also offers age-appropriate equipment for specific sports including T-Ball, softy baseballs and moulded rubber balls.  One particular item of interest for younger ages is the Foam Gym Skis used to help develop group coordination and communication.

For the more advanced sports enthusiasts as well as those involved in professional sports, Wolverine Sports also offers a full line of quality equipment. Anyone interested in baseball has access to bats, balls, pitching machines, bases, etc., through this site.  Similarly, basketball and football enthusiasts will find available all of the essential equipment for these sports, including institutional backboards, hoops, nets, and balls for basketball and everything from practice blocking dummies to padding and helmets for football.  

In addition to equipment for baseball, basketball and football, Wolverine Sports offers equipment for those interested in gymnastics, dance and track and field. Balance beams, parallel bars, springboards and tumbling mats are among the products offered for gymnasts and vaulting poles, starting blocks, and hurdles are just a few of the products offered to those interested in track and field. 

Wolverine Sports not only offers sports equipment for actual game play, it also offers benches, bleachers, field-marking kits and a variety of other items that make it possible to organize and stage games and events. Virtually any sport or sporting event can be fully equipped with items available through the Wolverine website. Fields, courts and floors can be designed and equipped, teams can be outfitted and players can be awarded ribbons and trophies -- all available from this one site!  And, finally, as an added bonus, Wolverine Sports offers a variety of academic awards for such areas as spelling, art and mathematics. 

Equipment and supplies available from Wolverine Sports are reasonably priced and are high quality products suitable for a variety of ages and skill levels. Before you spend time shopping individual specialized sports sites, take a few moments to browse the Wolverine Sports site. There is a good chance you won’t need to look anywhere else to fill your equipment and supply needs. Please see for complete information.  L.K.F.


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