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Revelation 1 - The Time is at Hand

This state provides a rather unique twist in that, besides the regular one family homeschool, or the one-family public school ISP, it also provides for a mult-family homeschool, when not all of the children are related as brother/sister. We will provide information for the one-family choices.

Reporting: Parents must report attendance to the Department of Education on or before July 31 each year. They must also provide an annual statement of enrollment on the last day of public school attendance in September. These reports are in the form of state-approved forms.

Compulsory Attendance: Between 5 and 16, but parents can delay start until child is older with written permission from the school district. 180 days per year for all choices.

State Organization(s):
(1) Delaware Home Education Association -
(2) Tri-State Homeschool Network (DE/MD/PA) Christian
POB 7193, Newark, DE 19714-7193; E-mail:
Tel: 302-456-3545

Convention(s): None

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