Dear Readers:

These days, when the country and the world seems so politically divided, it is easy to feel like we don’t belong anywhere. Even in our own families and friends circles, arguments and then divisions occur about such issues as politics, vaccines, the social mores of late, who should do what, when, and why, etc

People nowadays even feel the right to comment on what you think or don’t think about things. We need to come together! I believe the freedom that Homeschooling exudes, works in the direction of bringing people together. 

Recently, I have been running into some old homeschoolers from the early days when this way of life was still a “movement.” I have been comforted with the reminder that those of us who choose to keep our children at home have so much in common. It is not that we all believe the same. Quite the contrary. Many “homeschoolers” are very religious, others are not; many homeschoolers don’t do formal school, others do and then some homeschoolers send their 12-year-olds to college. Many of us don’t believe in any vaccination and others believe in some or all. 

The one thing that unites us all is our belief that it is OUR choice about all these issues. It is OUR choice to raise our kids without bureaucratic intervention or with it! It is OUR decision to seek out herbal medicine or alternatives, as well as it is OUR decision to go with traditional western medicine. Television, Social Media — or not! It is for us to decide OUR lifestyles! It is OUR life and they are OUR children. We have a united believe in autonomy in raising our children! That is what comforts me and gives me a sense of belonging to this community. I would like to feel that with all Americans. I wish for the day when we remember what it means to live in America and we rejoice debate and differences while protecting OUR right to choose what sort of a lifestyle we want to lead for ourselves and OUR families. 

It makes me very happy to see so many new families keeping their children at home, where they belong! Savor Freedom, Savor Choice, march ahead with the confidence in your journey of raising your children in this world we call Homeschooling. It is okay to turn here, turn there and not think of things as a grade or mistake. Life is not linear. Oftentimes the most non-perfect experiences in all our lives are the ones we change from and learn from the most and remember with the most fondness! 

This issue has many great articles. I want to thank all the writers. Please take the time to read John Taylor Gatto’s Walkabout London. It is a timeless piece that still applies today, more than ever. He was a mentor to me and I treasure everything he wrote. Thank you, John, for all you have contributed to society! Happy Homeschooling! Love, Mary.  

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