Language Arts

Language Arts

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3D Learner Specializes in Supporting Homeschool Learning Success for Parents and Children

Reading Comprehension aids

When a homeschooling parent goes to the 3-D Learner website, s/he will see a tab that is marked “Quiz”. This is the portal to the free quiz that will inform homeschool parents if their child is a visual learner or not.Visual problems are the root of many reading difficulties.

3D Learner helps homeschooled students with:
Dyslexia and Other Related Disorders
• Audio and Visual Processing Disorders
• Behavioral Issues
• or who are Gifted, Talented, and Underperforming

The 3D Learner custom-tailored program fits the needs of each individual homeschooled student. If your homeschooling child is having difficulty with reading and its varied skills, visit the 3D website or call for a free consultation and begin the journey to success!

Signing Online
• Homeschoolers can learn a new language online!
• ASL (American Sign Language) first
• Then learn to sign Exact English!
• Become a registered Interpreter for the Deaf 
• Many universities recognize ASL as satisfying the foreign language requirement
• Homeschooled students can learn to sign in British, Korean, French & others,
If your homeschooling family is searching for an interesting and challenging new endeavor, signing may be just right for you! Full Sign Language curriculum online!