The Arts

The Arts

Creativity Express Online – Madcap Logic is a comprehensive Visual Arts program perfect for homeschoolers, that includes:

• 16 homeschool art lessons that inform the elements and principles of art, including light and
   shading, use of color choices, shapes and show how math and art work together – a perfect
   home education unit study

• 32 hands-on homeschool art projects with integrated lesson plans

• Artist Cards and puzzle pieces as rewards for lesson completion to the homeschooling student

•  a personal portfolio for your homeschooled child’s work to be viewed online

•  a glossary of art terms — and more that homeschoolers will love

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American Academy — Homeschooling, Pre-K-High School – American Academy offers Pre-K-12 Christian-based curriculum online or correspondence style Homeschooling with books and materials sent back and forth in the U.S. Mail. The academic programs are self-regulated and flexible, so the parent simply has to supervise completing assignments on time and properly. Call: 866-605-7772 or Email: for more information. Reading, Writing Math and more for Homeschoolers. 

College Prep Genius – Affordable Homeschool SAT Prep Virtual Boot Camp

• Powerful Prep for SAT, ACT & CLT exams for homeschoolers
• FREE SAT Prep Videos
• We offer the most comprehensive and valuable Test Prep in the country!
FREE College can be every homeschooled student’s with high test scores – via myriad scholarships  
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Signing Online
• Homeschoolers can learn a new language online!
• ASL (American Sign Language) first
• Then learn to sign Exact English!
• Become a registered Interpreter for the Deaf
• Some universities recognize ASL as satisfying the foreign language requirement
• Homeschooled students can learn to sign in British, Korean, French & others,
If your homeschooling family is searching for an interesting and challenging new endeavor, signing may be just right for you! Full Sign Language curriculum online!