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Unit Study Approach

A method of study by which an entire program, with a unifying theme, is created to study diverse topics. For instance, “Life in America from 1680 to 1800” could serve as a unit theme. The student would study math, reading, spelling, grammar, history, geography, government, sociology . . . all centered around the development of European America. “Native Americans” is another very fertile unit study theme.

In these two examples, one can study math by learning the applied skills of hunting, cooking, planting, setting up camps, making clothing and shelters, land surveying – anything that requires math. The Unit Study approach can be a very rich one, because it captures and holds the child’s interest, no matter what learning styles are dominant in his/her consciousness and offers real-life applications for academic skills. There are companies that offer Unit Study guides, suggesting to the parents what materials or books to obtain for each phase of study and the parents then create the curriculum from those suggestions.

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