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Unschooling Method

Method of homeschooling in which learning is led by the child’s interests primarily, rather than by a predetermined curriculum or the parents’ desires. This philosophy was developed by the late John Holt, a school teacher in Boston, who felt that the confinement and rigidity of school was counter to the actual process of knowledge-development and learning. Therefore, “unschooling” means avoiding the negative things that school does and accentuating the positive things that promote learning and an increase in actual knowledge. It does not mean allowing one’s children to run wild and/or do nothing academic, ever. Patrick Farenga is the father of 4 girls who were all homeschooled with the original John Holt along with mom, Day Farenga. Mr. Farenga was Holt’s right-hand man in operating Growing Without Schooling and maintains the website, https://www.johnholtgws.com/. A visit will be very valuable to any homeschooling parent, regardless of style or method. This is another helpful website, https://www.thehomeschoolmom.com/

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