by Emerson Sandow

Homeschooling can be a daunting proposition for many parents and it has nothing to do with intelligence or academic degrees. A parent with a B.A. in English is not necessarily qualified to teach his/her child higher math, for instance. Classroom teachers typically have a team of teachers who work together, each teaching a specialty. To accomplish a similar end result, most homeschool parents require the services of a tutor from time to time, teaching one subject or many, for a semester or a year. My Tutoring Partners has made its supplemental instruction services the best a family can obtain.

My Tutoring Partners is knowledgeable about learning styles and the importance of teaching to each child’s individual way of processing and understanding information. Tutors are personally matched to a particular student to ensure that each student receives the best possible tutor.

This also ties in with the individual learning style of each child. There is no one learning style that predominates, as it does in schools. Ignoring teaching to a child’s learning style creates frustration, wasted time and the opposite of a love of learning. Conversely, when a child is taught in harmony with his/her way of processing and assimilating academic information, s/he enjoys learning and that enjoyment becomes lifelong. My Tutoring Partners carefully matches tutors with each child to ensure the optimum in learning success.

In addition, some of the tutors in the My Tutoring Partners (MTP) network, offer a few services beyond exclusively tutoring. For students who intend to attend college, some tutors can help with information  College search and Scholarships search.

Some of the MTP tutors offer their personal assistance and information about Federal Financial Aid, CalState Apply, for students who wish to attend a school in the CalState system; University of California admissions requirements, scholarship opportunities, deadlines, etc. for the UC network. Other tutors can be knowledgeable about the CalGrant website, where you can find information about the various California Financial Aid programs and much more. Some of the tutors in the network can provide career information and insight. Parents and students who join My Tutoring Partners can be sure that they will find a foundation of values that harmonize with the society in general. These values include Respect for the student by the tutor;  instilling of Confidence in the student; nurturing of the student Community in MTP; Diversity in the ethnicity and background of our tutors; Kindness shown by the tutors and to Cultivate an atmosphere of kindness and skill throughout.

My Tutoring Partners uses the popular and successful Khan Academy for part of its instruction, as well as the Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation, one of the finest grammar programs available. MTP also offers guidance to families with a troubled or struggling teen. To see alle of the resources My Tutoring Partners offers and to gain information on the registration process, visit the website or call them. E.S.